I offically have lost over 100 pounds!

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  1. Thank you! lol
  2. Congratulations, that's really impressive. I've lost 65 myself, and looking to drop another 15ish.
  3. i wish i could lose 100 pounds, id be like paper thin and i could just like fold myself into a plane and jump off the roof whenever i needed to go pick up weed.

    but grats on the loss
  4. Seems like one of them fake ads you see on tv where the before and after look nothing alike..

    But grats on losin 100lbs. I'd weigh like 72lb
  5. Wow that's Awesome!!! Good for you, you look great!
  6. Good for you, stick to the plan. Well done.
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    Would it be innapropriate for me to say I would bang you?
  8. yes, thats disgusting.
  9. ^lol.....Thats great though....keep it up! Any secrets/tips you have as to how you did it?
  10. Aww thanks a lot guyss! lol

    Well I did a lot of different things, but the main thing that helped me was counting calories, always choosing a healthier option, and drinking mostly water! I use to go to the gym ALOT! But i moved and I dont have a free gym anymore so I do workout videos! Turbo Jam Is amazing! Get Fat Blaster or the whole dvd set off bit torrent. It is awesome and addicting! :D
  11. Congratulations! Even though I don't know you personally, I am very proud. Just remember that it is a lifestyle and you have to keep up with it. You will feel better and live longer :wave:.
  12. i lold at that. just thought id inform you
  13. Haha it really does blast the fat away!
  14. That's no small achievement.

    pun motherfuckin intended
  15. That's Awesome! Great job on dropping the weight :yay:
  16. Lol!

    Thank youuu! :D
  17. I dont know how you did it.....but you did.....congratulations!!!!! :D :hello: :D

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