I object!

Discussion in 'General' started by RMJL, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. I object, your honor! There's been no resolution to the case at hand and the jury has a right after all of this time in deliberation to announce their verdict so that the defendent can be sentenced..
  2. I gotcha!!!!

    Do you need me for your lawyer? I'll have'em feeling very sorry for ya ass!!!!!

    Critter has Angel 69 taken away your computer privlages? Don't see ya around as much these days!
  3. as your attourney i advie you to get a very fast car, preferably red and we must be armed tot he teeth
  4. I guess it's one of those "ya gotta be there" things. I posted this right after critter said" so, if there's no objections" and closed NuBBiN's massive avatar madness thread.
  5. you're a moron [​IMG].edit critter [please note ,we don,t really go in for name calling round here.critter]

  6. A moron, huh?

  7. I adore you, critter. You're my man!!!!! ;)

  8. Damnit I'm shit outta luck again!!!!! Critter I guess your the better man! Got the pot and the women running after ya!

    I can't even get laid these days!!LOL

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