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I noticed something today

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Jabbajaws XD, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. For the last couple months ive been smoking from my water bong

    And i noticed that i wasnt getting as high as i used to

    Then i rolled a blunt, and i was higher than i have ever remember. I stand on the side of my house and smoke and 3 hits into the blunt it felt like i coupldnt keep my balance. Haha i just wanted to fall over.

    Maybe i just got used to the bong and i needed to try something different
  2. Its that tobacco headrush mixed with some decent bud and lack of oxygen from all the smoke that gets me feeling like that after not having a blunt for awhile. (I know what you mean) its even weirder only vaping for a week or two and than lighting up a nice big blunt and play the take a huge hit and stand up game haha.
  3. I rotate my methods all the time. Sometimes bong, then joint, then pipe and so on. I seem to get used to one type when I only use it. Maybe you just were used to the bong.

    Or maybe it was the nicotine
    Or the Quality of the weed
  4. I feel highs are different from bongs to joints etc..
    i get used to the pipe and then the bong takes me to new levels

    get used to blunts for a few weeks, then the pipe takes me to new levels..
  5. yea if i smoke for like a week then randomly use my vape i get high as fuck because my body just isnt used to the pure thc
  6. I don't know if you got higher, but just a different type of high. Two very different styles of smoking.
  7. Blunts ALL day.
  8. Me personally, I stick to a one hitter. I ain't socal smoking a majority of the time, just walking around the house, hitting the one hit. I like it, does the job, with using a minimal amount, doesn't burn off after I toke, so I inhale all it's goodness.

    Being able to conseal it as well, I can walk around the street of atl, and not worry about taking a hit. Doesn't burn off like a joint, so you ain't smelling it as much you would a joint or anything else.

    Don't get me wrong, I'll light a blunt, joint, pipe, bong, vap, and anything else, but 90% of the time, it's me, and the one hit.
  9. I know exactly what you mean, there was a period of time where i hadn't had a good blunt in months, then i roll a fairly average-sized L and got absolutely fried, much more so than normally, part of it i'm sure has to do with the tobacco in the wrap.
  10. The tobacco content is fairly low in gutted blunts/wraps....just thought I'd throw that out there.
  11. Agreed. If I have at least a gram of weed I can assure you blunts are being rolled. Couple green games this evening.
  12. alot of people here are big into blunts.. ive never been into blunts really. if i want to roll something ill just roll a couple joints with the bud i would roll into a blunt and just smoke a couple joints instead.
  13. Helllll yeah..exactly. And green games happen to be my favorite. :hello:

    A well rolled blunt can last upwards of an hour. A joint - not so much.
  14. true true, i guess i would just need to be in the mood for a blunt haah
  15. how big of a blunt are we talking here...? a "regular blunt" wouldnt last anywhere near an hour.
  16. My 1 gram blunts..if well rolled..last 30-40 mins on average. A 2 gram blunt can hit the 1 hour mark. I drove back from Gathering of the Vibes...i lit a blunt at the first gas station 5mins outside of Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT where it was held (by the end of the festy...there were 0 blunts left in the entire park..of a couple thousand we had to stop for a blunt the sec we left...while we were waiting in the line to leave the of my homies got out of the car..and was just going down the line of cars asking everyone for a blunt..even the on site stores had sold out by the end of the festy..) and an hour later...I threw the roach into my homie's ashtray as we pulled into his driveway.
  17. Your just not used to inhaling the paper that the blunt is rolled in so you are getting light headed from it that is why you are feeling like you are real high

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