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I never smoked with a Pipe Before. Question?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RockSolid, May 19, 2010.

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    I never smoked with a Pipe Before. Question?
    I smoke once in awhile, but I thought I would give a pipe a try.
    I just bought this here: Anodized aluminium pipe - Dutch -
    I just saw another cool and cheap (but a bit more expensive than the other) pipe. I wish I noticed this one in the first place.
    I am thinking about email the support address they gave and switch it to this and I pay the extra money.
    Large laser pipe - Dutch -
    Would you say it is worth it, or should I just stick with the one I just bought?
  2. Little metal piece like that was the first pipe I ever owned. I loved it like a child. Definitely a good investment, you save weed, and it's a good on-the-run pipe, not like glass or something big and bulky you keep at home. Another good thing about metal pipes is they don't break, always a plus! Happy toking. Another cool thing about those pipes is you can transform them into chillums, at least you could with mine, where the choke was located.
  3. think youd be better off with glass over time but yes big vs little have their different advantages an advantage of a bigger pipe is cooler smoke thats easier on the throat but imo go with glass if you care to otherwise its a personal preferance
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    I am not trying to sound stupid, but which one are you telling me to get? I can't tell. :(
    Since the first one is metal and the second one is mostly metal too.
    By you saying little I am guessing your saying stick with the one I bought and don't switch and pay the extra money?
  5. get the original - always go with your gut, especially when dealing with weed, and this goes for every situation
  6. Either One is a good first pipe, just choose the one you prefer :)
  7. yeah turkalurk is right its whatevers right in your mind and for those price you can always upgrade! try out the small one if you need anything bigger just upgrade.. eventually id still recommend trying a glass pipe but to each his own
  8. id say go with the smaller one, just in my opinion easier to carry, cheaper, and i mean there basically the same pipe just one is bigger looks i guess a lil doper an more expensive, so personally id go with the small cheap one but its ur pipe so ur choice, an with the size an harshness of the smoke, for me at least a couple inches doesnt do that much, (but if ur realy sensitive to smoke an its like a problem then id go with the larger.)
  9. Sorry man, I didn't see the second pipe in question. I would just stick with the one you have, it's got sick colors, and it's durable as hell. I have had my metal pipe for going on 6 years now.
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    I will stick with the one I got.
    Thanks for the help everyone! :yay:

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