I never realized.. Diffrent highs.

Discussion in 'General' started by BAkEd_ZombIe, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. i always figured but never realized how true that switching the ways of smoking such as switching from a bong to pipe,blunt to bong ETC. has all diffrent highs.

    i smoked a bong thismorning had the sort of "usual sleepy hungry" high

    now i just smoked a bowl and i have like a "Blazed" High

    and i used the same amount of weed. anyone else notice this?
  2. i notice this too. its also the same with alcohol. you drink vodka you arent gunna feel like a tequila drunk. etc

    but if you want to get scientific take down the times of day you rip it and take different hits at those times cause maybe your always tired in the morning etc. i think thatd be cool
  3. hmm maybe sounds cool. i could be the ganja scientist. oh man this bowl isent even near done and i'm:hippie:
  4. hmm i should also try when i'm sober,half a bowl load in the bowl and half in the bong. that might be diffrent too.
  5. I've got a one-hit-left-in-the-bubbler type high, and I'm debating whether or not to kick it up a notch with another bowl
  6. kick it up a notch man. Its sunday!
  7. I think the high difference wasn't the method of smoking. It was your mindset.

    This morning you felt a sleepy/hungry high because when people wake up they're usually a bit groggy, and they look forward to breakfast.

    Any now you're fully awake and your mindset has changed, allowing you to feel like you're Blazed.
  8. yah i get exactly what your saying. But its weird cause i'll come home from college and hit the bong and i still felt less high then,then i do now. Like right now i'm gone i'll probably pass out and wake up with pieces of chocolate cake,brownies,and frosting on my mouth and t-shirt.

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