i never gain a tolerance...

Discussion in 'General' started by CSn0w, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. so i've been smoking since i was 13, (20 now) and i still have never gained a tolerance, all last summer i smoked 3 blunts everyday or another as soon as my high started to fade as an experiment, (yes expensive, but i get paid well at my job) and i did that for about 1 month, and then the next day after the end of the month, i still can only smoke half a bowl of just reggie, and still get baked... i guess it's a gift, but i mean really, why hasnt my body gained a tolerance?
  2. just remember to thank the stars daily and you should be alright....:smoke:
  3. Hah this for sure. Some times I wish I went threw less green, I would save so much money.
  4. it dumbfounds all my friends, and they get pissed... lol
  5. Lol, I bet. I've really only heard of one other person like this. You are sooo lucky.

  6. i never understood why people always "Chase their first high" cause everytime i smoke it's just like or even better than my first time i smoked...
  7. Dude ya, low tolerances are awesome. I have one, but it will eventually grow but not alot.
  8. how long of a break did you take before the summer?

  9. none, i was smoking everyday, but not nearly as much as i was during the month long experiment. maybe 2 or 3 joints a day,
  10. I wouldn't say I chase my first high... but being able to be high after a couple hits would be nice. I don't think I really understood or felt being high (truly) until I had been smoking for a month or so.

  11. thats with harder drugs.

  12. eh, i know some people who try with weed, but yes, i know the "norm" for that phrase refers to harder "drugs"
  13. bump, im wanting some scientific proof, and google is being a bitch.
  14. yeah, i think it has to do with your body's chemistry, my tolerance has always been pretty low, but sounds like yours is just nonexistent.

  15. pretty much :/

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