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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by 2313, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. So I'm 18 and still live at home with my parents because I'm going to night school for college for the first year so I can earn money and still go to school. Anyway, I want to buy the Extreme Q vaporizer for like $150 of eBay, I got a ton of money at my graduation party. The only thing is I smoke stealing because I have younger siblings and don't wanna be a bad influence. Could I set up the Extreme Q iny closet vape hard during the day and just hide it? If I opens window the smell won't be noticble will it? Thanks in advance for any help. One love
  2. I had a magic flight launch box and could smoke it openly at work without any worry of smell, even small rooms,

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  3. If I smoke in my walk in closet then leave my bedroom and come back in a few minutes there is no smell in my room and hardly any in my closet. If you walk in right after smoking with the MFLB there will be a slight smell but it's not your typical smell. It dissapates pretty quick, if there was a desktop unit that was comparable in smell I'd go with that. If you wind up with the MFLB, buy the power adapter.
  4. The smell will be noticeable to people who dont smoke for sure.

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