I need your opinion on this.

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  1. I was pondering a grow schedule and I want your guys opinion on this;

    What if I had two five gallon pots, two separate cabinets, Each with 4-6 sockets for cfl lights. The plan is, I get around four seeds and put them in smaller pots, maybe 3 gallon. I vegetate a bit over a foot, then I flower them. (Two in each cabinet) If I get 1 female, I throw the others out and this becomes my mother plant. Any other females will go in the flowering cabinet and get me some experience for growing(And hopefully free smoke). As soon as they are gone I put one clone in the vegetative cabinet, and I move mother plant to flowering cabinet. I would then LST the vegetative and before I flower Get another clone for the new daughter plant. This plant would take the vegetative cabinet and the lst Mother plant would go into flower. This would continue on as my personal supply.

    Question 1: I would need a plant thats vegetative LST growth would match the flowering stage. This would mean my plants would switch all at proper times to their respective cabinets. Anyone suggest a strain like or close to this?

    I know I haven't specified on the growing conditions at all, but thats because they're not made yet, since this is me planning ahead.

    (I previously posted on the Absolute beginners, but no replys:()

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