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  1. Im going to be moving in the next few weeks and I am going to start a grow. I want to keep things VERY SIMPLE and at the same time produce a high yield. I know this MIGHT cancel out most forms of hydro but I would most likely lean towards the method of growing that requires less maintenance.

    I have been reading alot and still cannot come to the conclusion of SOIL OR HYDRO. Most claim hydro is faster and most deny that fact. Most say Soil may take longer, 2 MAYBE 3 weeks extra tops depending on strain. If it be 2 weeks then its no problem. Most also say soil will produce a better tasting bud, is this true?

    And if you are leaning towards hydro over soil, if possible could you please explain your method of hydro in short detail. There seems to be so many I cannot count. Im not expierenced in this method nor do I know alot but most say hydro bubbler bucket? is the best/easiest way to go for a hydro grow.

    Also if you were to grow the same strain one soil plant one hydro plant, would there be any major differences in the bud? stems, hairs, trichs, anything?
  2. I haven't grown anything yet because like you I am moving and I am still deciding what system to use.

    At the end of the day it comes down to what you prefer and what you can afford. The way I see it is that hydro is automated, you set up the system, figure out the nutrients you need, add them in and turn on the lights. However, with hydro you need to act a lot faster when problems arise and you need to know what you're doing in terms of adjusting pH levels and nutrient levels. On the other hand soil seems a lot easier and cheaper, because i mean what are you buying? soil and ferts and mabye nutes depending on how hardcore you want to go.

    I'm going to use and ebb and flow hydro system, thats also called the flood and drain system. I'm only going to grow about 6 plants under a 600w MH and HPS light for my first grow. From that first grow im going to be taking cuttings and use that to start a sea of green growing method. Thats where you take lots of plants and veg them for a short time, let them flower and then harvest, that way you get a fast turn over.
  3. Well the less attention you give you plants, odds are your yield will decrease, take care of them, and they will definitly take care of you :p

    - Vince

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