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  1. Hey GC,

    Im a total new to growing Marijuana, also been smoking for a year. 3 months until winter is over, thats when im planning to grow outdoors. Im gonna be using a seed from a bag. I dont have any watersource nearby in my city, so i am planning to use the plastic waterbottles carried with my backpack. Please tell me simple things, im new. I dont know how to mix organics with the soil, or the fertilizer. Life sucks when u dream on growing when you dont know what to do. :(
  2. Don't put them out too early unless you have really nice spring weather where you are ,
    And try start them indoors under lights for as long as you can before hardening off outdoors .
    As for the rest , you have plenty of time so do some reading around the site :)
    The more you read , the better your grow will go !
  3. @420outdoor

    Thanks man, but you see i still live with my dad which is a bummer. I still cant afford to move out. And i dont want to be growing in the house because if my dad catches it, i am screwed. I want to start completely outdoors. Maybe i will do the germination process indoors. But here is another thing, i heard some where on google that germinating with paper towel method isnt a good idea. My plan was to do the germination power method thing, then use papercups with holes pinched on the bottom. And when the 2 spiked leaves apear i will take them outdoors, you see i will be building a bit of biking on a safe field if i find one. I will be using my backpack and bike. I need things simple, and not confusing please. It will be my 1st time growing outdoors, when i check the organic soil mix it just confuses me so much which stresses me. 1: I dont know how to mix 2: I live in Turkey 3: Fertilizer... Like i said, i need things simple, and also cheap because im broke.
  4. Also i have done 1 and a half weeks research every day when i came from school, it was like my home work every day. I know pretty much, you see i never started growing yet outdoors due to winter. To do my 1st succesfull grow i need simple, cheap stuff. If i use a waterbottle plastic ones (small) how many do i need to take a day to water 3 plants? cuz im planning to grow 3. Already have seeds i picked off the weed bag.
  5. I don't have too much time to reply now but I'll try fit some stuff in :)
    You can do the whole process completely outside , I just recommend waiting until the temperatures are warmer , especially night temps otherwise your plants growth will stunt and you will have spent your money and wonder why try aren't growing like everyone else's :)

    I skip the paper towel because I believe it can damage the important tap root , all I do is Leave seeds in a cup of water , try push them so they sink after 12 hours or so .
    I find they actually crack open in the water after 24 - 36 hours but either way I plant them into a good seed raising mix and keep them moist until they pop out of the soil :) best germination rates this way

    Another thing I can recommend if you can't start them off at home is to either construct a small greenhouse to raise them in for a month or use coke bottles with the bottoms chopped off as a temporary greenhouse (I think there's pics in my current grow if you wanna see what I mean)

    As far as soils go don't freak out it can be as simple or complicated as you want .
    The more money and effort you invest the more you will yeild .
    Best things to add are - good organic soil (not cheap shit) manures , compost (you can make your own) perlite , peat moss , worm castings , and some of the native soil if planting into the ground . One cheap thing that will increase your yeild is to get the correct ph so you should try this too .

    Other things to make sure they work are -
    Big holes / pots , lots of sunlight (8 hours minimum) , good amount of water at least once a week , and make sure animals and bugs don't feast on them :)

    Hope this helps
  6. Thanks a lot man. So what i do is get a couple seeds, and add it in a papercup filled with water. And push the seeds down so they sink? and then wait till they have the tap root cracked out of the seed? And green house .. I dont know how can i make one lol, doesnt it need to have fans and lights from above? How in the world am i supposed to make that. -.- And there is another question you havnt fully answered. Okay so if i use small plastic waterbottles, and i have 3 plants. How many small plastic waterbottles do i need per a week ? I hope its like that i only have to water 1-2 times a week it will make my life easier. But yeah how many small plastic waterbottles do i need?
  7. Yep seeds into a cup of water , the viable ones should sink on their own .
    Only leave them in there up to 48 hours or they may drown or rot , and no most probabl won't sprout in the water but once they have sunk it means they have let a bit of water in and are beginning the germination stage :)
    So pop them into moist soil either way after 48 hours

    A greenhouse can be as hard or simple as you want , have a look on the net for DIY greenhouses , all you need is some wood and clear plastic and a basic knowledge of how to make one , or the coke bottle method is even easier like I mentioned before :)

    Depends on your weather and if they are in the ground (less water) or pots .
    If it's been raining you may not need to water some weeks ,
    And if it's been hot you may need to water 2 or 3 times a week .
    A few liters will do you for the first few weeks but as your plants grow they will become more thirsty and eventually need 10 - 20 litres per plant at a time if you get big ones .

    Planting in the ground , near water / rivers (not too close) and adding things like water crystals and mulch can help you water less , but yes I'd start saving some more bottles :)
    Hope that answers all your questions now haha :)
  8. 42o, your a great help man your like almost done answering all my questions. :) Cheers

    When you mean the 10-20 litres per plant. You mean those big plastic waterbottles 10-20 per week depends of the growth? Like 10-20 plastic waterbottles per week for each plant. That would be kind of hard man, means i would have to do more then one trip if so. Like i meantioned earlier, in the city i live in there is no rivers, lakes, or creaks. Or else i wouldnt have to worry about watering much.
  9. No worrys man it's good to help , as long as you research all the many other aspects of your grow , you should be able to pull it off :)!!
    I'm not sure how many litres your bottles hold ?
    Most bottles will hold a few litres and I'm sure you can fit at least 7 or so into a backpack :) keep an eye out for bigger containers that might make your job easier too :)

    It's a weed , you can get away with watering her less especially if you let the roots go out crazy , just the more you water the better it will end up for you :)
    If you have the money use the other things I mentioned up there that mean you have to water less :)

    If your growing in a city , before you worry about the plants I would worry about security , you dont want people , theifs or police to come across your plants or you could be in lots of trouble so make sure it's a perfect spot before worrying about the rest :)
    - if there's a house or petrol station near where ur plants will be you can just fill your water containers close to the spot :)

    :) 42o
  10. 42o thanks again man. I know i will look for secure spot with my bike once winter is over. Im still confused though, like how much i need to water. You said water 1-2 times a week ? But how much do i water for each plant? How about u tell me in litres that would prob help. :)

  11. Don't record how much I just know from other grows .
    You can tell if you need more if the plants drying and less if it's drooping .
    Probably 1 litre for a few weeks then eventually up to 4 at least when they r bigger and more if they get huge :)
    Can't answer that one any better myself sorry man :)
  12. 42o thanks man youve been great help to me. :) You have my respect. <3
  13. Keep in touch

  14. No worrys man :)
    You can PM if u wanna know anything else,
    but yeah just come hang around on my grow and i can give you tips.
    They look amazing this week :)
    cheers 42o

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