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i need your help in the next 30 min

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokr8989, May 24, 2009.

  1. is a half ounce of mids worth 50 bucks? lemme know what you think i have to leave to go tet in 30 min.
  2. Half ounce of mids for 50?

    Go for it I say. If they're actually mids and not shwag its a good deal.
  3. Yeah thats a fair price.
  4. yes thats how much i pick up for, high mids pretty decent smoke
  5. go for it
  6. id take it... thats like 10 good blunts. 5 dollars a blunt is pretty good yea?
  7. Thats a crazy good price, sounds like lowww mids though.
  8. just got back, got the half, and its pretty good mids as always. gonna go shower ( hot as hell here and had to walk to get it, sweatin my ass off) oh and i just weighed it, 16 grams, god i love my dealer. then ima go smoke out of gravity bong and then pre roll my j's for six flags tomarrow
  9. Glad it worked out very much in your favor ;P My friend hooked me up with 2g of pretty damn good mids for $5 since it was my graduation and he's on probation. I guess it's less risky for him to sell it than to smoke it?

  10. depends on whether he's gettin drug tested. my friends been on probation for a year and he still smoked since it wanst a drug related chaarge and he just got ANOTHER year added for a probation violation ( found guilty of assault) and he is still not getting tested and is smoking. it depends all upon the terms of the probation,, gonna go hit G bong :bongin:
  11. Yeah he was warned that he might get tested if they suspected he didn't fix himself (D.U.I. from keg party and then possession of marijuana). So he just has random nights every few weeks where he smokes up but feels like if he doesn't overdo it they won't catch him.

  12. i honestly, would not continue to smoke. texas kinda sucks.

    Gravity bong was beast:smoking::hippie::smoking:
  13. If it's actually mids and not schwag, then yes, yes it is.
  14. You get 1/2's for $50.00?! I'm jealous.
  15. damn your friend is lucky im on probation to on a completly unrelated drug crime but it was pretty bad crime, got charged with burglary and criminal damage to state property and in my county the judge i got orders everyone who gets on probation to get monthly drug tests unless you pass the first one and if you fail the first one then you have to give them 3-6 months of clean ones it suckes but my PO said just give her 3 months and im done i can smoke again and i kind of trust lol as much as you can trust a PO but she hasnt lied to me or fucked me over yet so im hoping she aint lieing so i only got 2 left so im pretty happy im thinking of it as a very long T-break lol
  16. dude that is legit price and since you said it was good bud u ended up pretty good

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