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I need your help!! Homemade Downstem tube

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by SeattleDreamer, May 5, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, really need some help here. What is the best item to use as a downstem? i have a glass bowl just need a downstem. Pen tubes are plentiful, but looking for something with less drag. I used a highlighter in my build and after removing the ink and tip, the empty tube with a hole in the end for my bowl and the cap at the end of the pentube acting as a crude diffuser inside the chamber. That highlighter worked perfectly, but can't find them anywhere.

    My question to you is, what is an easily obtainable, wide diameter tube that's fairly easy to work with? Also, I need a plastic test tube like cylinder for an inline diffuser, any ideas on that would be appreciated.
  2. Get food/medical safe clear tubing at home depot, you can find some the right size to fit a 14mm bowl piece in. I drilled about 12 little holes in some tubing and drilled a hole in a sobe bottle and made a little bong. Use some dishwasher/aquarium safe apoxy to seal the outside of whatever you're using and you'll have a safe/waterproof functional bong, it' won't taste great though.
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    i was thinking home depot would, running low on gas.

    on a side note: I've always thought homemade bongs were so primitive, but they're just fun. lol
  4. you should try to poke alot of holes into a genteal eye drop bottle, then attach that to the end of your pen downstem, same idea i did here with a homemade bubbler, but i have a glass downstem.

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  5. thats bad ass as fuck, lol. :smoke:
  6. trying to avoid pens for downstems, too skinny. And i've never used a hose, but that looks like it has so much drag.
  7. haha thanks man. i hope this helped you seattledreamer.

  8. sorta, looking for a unibody cylinder (think test tube)
  9. mm it's just a something i made for fun, i wasnt to worried about the drag, it hit really terrible with out any diffuser. so i made that force chamber diffuser thing.

    but if you thinking unibody cylinder, why not try a plastic cigar tube, yet then again thats probably no better than a pen.

  10. I was thinking about using a cigar tube, any clue where to pick up an -empty- one? or five?

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