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  1. So my main goal is to build and own apartment buildings, office buildings, buildings for stores, etc. The only thing is I have no idea how to get started. My parents, like most parents, say that I should just go finish college and then worry about how I am going to do it. I, on the other hand, would rather take night/weekend classes while working in the career field that will help me gain knowledge. 

    My main problems are: 

    -I don't know what my dream/goal is classified as and what I should take in school to learn about it.

    -I just dont know where to start in general. Do I have to work my way up from homes to apartments? Or do I just have to have a good business plan and find investors so I can build apartments sooner?

    Anyone know any good books to help me learn more on my interest?
  2. So, do you want to
    1)buy the land/property
    2)construct a property afterwards
    3)then manage the business itself
    To me, it sounds like you want to work three professional jobs: commercial real estate broker, construction engineer, manager.
    Both my parents are real estate brokers, my father a commercial broker, and I myself have a real estate license. And I can tell you, that's a full time task in itself. 
    I don't see you enveloping yourself in so many major details. It's probable to do it with a few businesses, but not much else unless you possible create your own company with employers that can oversee different levels of construction/management. Owning just one building/business can really be something.
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    Yep, what you said is exactly what I want to do. My dads friends company does the same thing and are doing great. I don't want to hire my own employees to build it though. I want to subcontract the work out to other companies. 
    I also want to just buy old buildings, fix them up and then own them.
    I would hire people to do all the managing. In the end, I just want my company to buy the land, build something on it, and then run it until I want to sell it. 
  4. start off by buying a shit house in a reasonable area when property prices drop, then do it up and rent it out or sell it when prices rise again. my dad does that sort of thing but you need serious money to get started.
    however once you get a good tenant in a property in a nice area, you can end up receiving enough rent to pay off the mortgage and then some
    Thats what I was thinking of doing. Just need to find the money.
    Also, I figured about what the title I am going after is.
    Real Estate Developer 

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