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Discussion in 'General' started by Skrimpbootch, May 26, 2010.

  1. So, I'm not sure if this is in the right place but I trust that GC's great moderators will be on top of it, if it is indeed wrongly categorized.

    So my dad's best friend's child and I have been close ever since we were born. I see him as my little cousin, almost like a little brother. He is 3 years younger than me, meaning he is 15 and he looks up to me in many ways. He is a high school freshman and isn't the strongest willed person I know. His parents divorced and that lead to him slipping into somewhat of a state of depression. Most of my life I lived 2 hours away from my cousin so we would occasionally see each other and hang out. Last year I moved into Wilmington, where he lives as well. I do not believe he is one of the maturest 15 year olds i know, but I love him and protect him. Even though we live close, he is in another school district so we obviously do not school together. So we have always been close but I have always tried to keep him away from the fact that I have been smoking for years. My question to you guys is; should I tell him that I have been experimenting with drugs?

    Here are my concerns. I am very protective of him. (Oh and Him "snitching" is not a concern.) Anyway, I do not feel that he will be mature enough to understand that I have been doing drugs, however, I try to keep it as safe and controlled as possible. Other fears are that he will take to doing drugs, as I am a role model of his, and get involved in bad shit at the school he goes to. (I know of bad dealers at his HS, etc.) I also do not want him thinking that this is something "cool and awesome." It's a bit of a hard predicament to describe. I think I am just protective of him...

    So what's your thoughts? Let me know if I'm being a straight bitch by trying to shelter him.
  2. Why tell him at all? See no point. Tell him when he's 18 and smoke with him.

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