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I Need Your Advice

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by yomurph, May 23, 2013.

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    Alright so last night I went out and got super stoned with a group of friends from work. When I get home I go in through the window to keep the noise down because it's three in the morning. So I slide up my window, but set my keys and my stash box down outside so I can get it easier. I get in and immediately go to sleep. I wake up twelve hours later and think a wake and bake would be just great. Go to grab my box and realize it's not there. I check a few other places that I couldve hidden it last night. Then in a moment of clarity, I look out my window to see my car keys, and only the keys. The stash box is missing, but only it isnt. My grandmother whom I live with has confiscated the box after discovering its contents. Inside said box was a rolling machine, papers, tips, lighter, hempwick, small spoon bowl (packed), grinder, and an eighth of some of the best weed i've ever smoked.
    So here I am in absolute "oh shit" mode, thinking I might be wrong about her having the box I stroll into the kitchen to make some eggs and toast. But I didnt even make it to the fridge, I wa spot on and she had/ has the box. She is surprisingly calm, like a monk on morphine, just at a loss for words it seemed. Now to sum up the talk I had with her, she doesn't care that I smoke, only that it is illegal and she makes it seem that she very well may give me my box of goodies back. She even made a couple passes at humorously suggesting she smoke it.
    Now that all that has been said, I need some advice on how to play the field to get my box of delight back. I've been a bit of a pest today, just trying to find out if I have any hope of getting that stuff back. I'm more concerned to get all the "paraphanelia" back than anything else. So, I come to you good people of Grasscity seeking your brightest ideas.

  2. Whats the short too high to read that
  3. He got caught, his grandma took his stashbox etc, how does he go Bout getting it back he wonders?
  4. Find it and take it back. 
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    Thank you..heres my input op..your under 18 (._. )
    OP claims to have car keys which suggests that OP drives. Driving suggests ages 16+, driving alone suggests 17+, driving at 3am suggests 18+. If we assume OP is otherwise following driving laws that means there is reasonable doubt suggesting that OP very well could be over 18. 
  7. OP just ask her for it back. Explain that you are cautious so that you don't get in real trouble and also don't be driving around with a box of paraphernalia you fool.
  8. Ask for it back. If you're 18 you're old enough to make your own decisions whether you smoke or not this is of course if you're still respectful by not smoking in their house and what not if they dislike it.
  9. She joked about using it herself. Show her some of Granny Storm Crows medical info and encourage her to try it. :smoke:
  10. Take something that belongs to grandma and make an exchange?
  11. Ask her if she has it because there is something in particular in said box that you had borrowed from a friend and you wanted to give it back. If you had already talked about it then she obviously knows you smoke and it probably isn't as big a deal as you think it is. So just admit to having used the pipe or the grinder or whatever that belongs to the friend and he asked for it back.

    Being open and honest about it will only bode well with your elders.

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