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I need ur help potheads

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokerrr, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. lol im new.
    So i had an awesome summer last year i was baked for like the whole 3 months and i decided i love mary jane
    but then i got caught in like august. i've been on lockdown for the past 8 months.
    i cant go anywhere with anyone without my guardians. like they wont even let me drive with friends in broad day light.
    anyone have any tips about like not getting caught again cuz i go to a school with like 10 people in it. And i only just found a new connection so and all that so im gonna start smoking again.
    like any good places to hide it, smoking out the window and all that stuff.
    I've also been thinking of sneaking out at night but we have adt alarm on all doors and windows on the first floor. my room window and the bathroom window on the 2nd floor can open so i guess i could just blow the smoke out at night.
    But do you think i should just buy a fire escape ladder and climb out lol idk
    or like do something to the alarm?
    I really want to enjoy some of my life. I feel like im in prison.
    Can anyone help?
  2. where the fuck do you live... alarms on the windows?
  3. yes. yes it is basically prison. my guardians let me go out but they always come along or they wait in the car because neither of them have jobs. So they put on this facade of freedom
  4. Haha your parents go too far my friend, best decision is to not even bring it in the house, get your connect to make edibles mabey?
  5. You sound very underage if your parents are up your ass like that. And if you're not, move out, because that's BAD.
  6. buy a vaporizer.. would be cheaper than buying a fire escape, and pretty much no smell, or at least nothing febreeze cant fix lol
  7. yea im moving out in 2 years. its just kind of a long time and i still want to make the best of what i can i guess
  8. i would buy a vape but idk how they work at all lol. and where would i keep it. if i can climb out it would be more fun haha
  9. yeah dude, buy a vaporizer, it will change your life.
  10. If your old enough to post on this forum you are old enough to take a stand. I recommend this. And what sort of straight jacket school only has 10 kids?
  11. Sounds complicated lol. Well it sounds like you aren't 18 but who am I to say. I only bring that up because if you are 18 and they treat you like that then I feel bad for you. Regardless of their views on it just respect their rules. If you are going to smoke at least do it outside somewhere safe and secluded. Get your priorities set like school and a job so when possible, you can move out. Once you are on your own you make the call. Just be responsible!
  12. well i try to have a good time even though im stuck in my concentration camp of a school. its a wonder how i even got my new connect since my guardians cut off any form of social life for me. but yea i act older than i am because i dont have any kids in my grade most of my friends are 18...
  13. lmao..
  14. Bake out your room with like 7 joints and when someone comes in to see whats going on make a run for it.

    Or buy a vape.
  15. Don't call us potheads.. and just buy a vape
  16. lol im pretty sure some ppl dont mind being called pot heads. i think of myself as a pothead not a stoner because seriously the situation im in right now and the im still thinking about when and where i can light up.
  17. walk downstairs with a lit J in your hand and tell your parents they're fucking insane
  18. they have sent me to therapy and even my therapist says we should have them come in as well
  19. If your 18 then that's crazy. I understand your parents don't want you smoking, but they need to give your space & freedom.
  20. my dealer is dropping some dro he grew himself tomorrow though so its all good haha. oh and if anyone wants to know i blaze and i still make straight As but i guess thats just not good enough for my parents.

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