I need to write a book.

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  1. Okay story of my life, here I am senior yeah with a mom, that just happens to have a medical card I persuaded her too get. So you know we vape, ediblible (is that a word? Anyhow I met to say we got them straight dank Michigan medical edibles that straight fuck the all the fuck you got outa you, you know.) it up. We were just smoking weed in the pool deck, then see my mom lights flick on. We thought my father and older sister were asleep, the thing is here they don't know we smoke together. My dad would be seriously disappointed even though he is an extremely wealthy man who has smoked weed for nearly 25 years in his younger days. He knows my mother has her medical card, he is accepting that because she has serious back problems(scoliosis) at a 80 degree angle. She's getting a surgery done were they straighten up with titanium rods. She will be bed ridden for 3 months. So hes cool man. Any way thoughts as if this situations will turn out bad or good? Thanks puffpuff

    Did not proof read.
    I did this on the iPhone, for the reason I did not want to get off the couch because this indica is so strong.

  2. So your gonna make a book about this?
  3. [quote name='"OldBear"']So your gonna make a book about this?[/quote]

    Negative, needed cool title. This is just an event that might interest some people. Honestly, I could make a awesome book my life by my 30's, got it all planned yo.

  4. Do it up dude that would be dope. Sometimes i write these little short stories about random shit but i always think theyre not good and toss em out haha, but hey man if your decent at writing i think you should.
  5. Smoke with your mom all she wants.

    Take good care of her.

    Love her as much as you can while you can no matter what.

    Get high, crank the tunes, show her how to do the robot dance and make her laugh.

    I lost my mom a few years ago. She liked to get high too. I write this with my eyes full of tears.

    Once they're gone ... it is really fucked up. You will wish you did more to help them enjoy the time they had left.

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