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    Okay so a mutual friend is telling me that my cunt abusive controlling CHEATING ex turned around and is now telling everyone that I'm abusive and that I cheated on her?????? Let me tell you what happened:
    Our relationship began to decline at around February, and in May I fell in love with another woman. Mind you, I IMMEDIATELY told my ex about the incident and the other girl and I did absolutely nothing. Worse we did was hug. So instead of being civil she throws a fit and breaks up with me, then two hours later calls me up hysterically crying and begging for me back, I give her another chance. I shit you not, 30 minutes later I get a call back and she's blasting off at me and broke up with me again. This was around like 12m - 3am
    Then the next morning, she calls me up begging for me to give her yet another chance and that she was sorry. She said she couldn't live without me and blahblah so I said I'd think about it (I still never messed with the other girl as this was happening, but she was really supportive). I was also in FL with my mother as this cunt is blowing up my phone and changing her mind every other hour.
    Long story short, we mutually decided to break it off and a month afterwards I'm going out with that amazing woman. Funnily enough, Ex rebounded to her best friend that tried to kill herself every other day so it's a rebound relationship (she's gay and almost went out with a dude she knew for a week haha). A month after that, I found out that she was cheating behind my back for about a year. With this girl. She NEVER disclosed me that the girl had a crush on her and Ex acted on it, cuddled and kiss and whatnot. Meanwhile, I told her IMMEDIATELY and didn't do one thing except hugs.
    Moral of the story? Forget about crazy fucking bitches. I'm much happier without her. I'm glad that my current gf is sane enough to know that I'm a hopeless romantic and the last thing I'd do is cheat. I'm a guilty and paranoid person as is. I hate being called a cheater, but all of my ex's friends (which are like three) are literally diagnosed as mental cases.
    So whatever. I got my real friends, going to a REAL school (she's in a for-profit university where all you need to do is give money), and a REAL girlfriend who is far from controlling and actually cares about me.
    Sorry about that guys. Yeah, it bothered me. But no longer after I saw all of this laid out and that I'm much better off than her. (Seriously, she's so awkward and I won't even go into the whole abusive/controlling thing).
    For you guys/girls out there with fucking psycho people like this, just don't give them the time of day. My mistake was to keep going back to her after she pulled me from family right before I was heading off to uni and fighting with me endlessly per nights. Hope none of you have experienced, though.

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    You don't have to go into any more detail it's obvious she's another narcissistic bitch. This generation is so full of them it's becoming an epidemic. Not kidding either.

    Sounds like you dodged a bullet. Don't let that loser bitch paint you with her brush. Cut off any and all contact for the rest of your life. Trust me. You'll never regret it. Don't even think about her. Let this thread die and move on. She will be but a speck of dust in your eye on this road called life..

    Life goes on

  3. You're right, thanks! I'm just so sick of her drama-causing, we don't even stay in connection the only 'connection' she has with me is a mutual friend.
    Whoever said lesbians have it easier when it comes to women couldn't be more wrong!
  4. hoes gonna be hoes, just be glad that that part of your life is over and try to move on.
    GL bro :smoking:
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