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    I've just been incredibly frustrated with everything lately, and havent really had anyone to talk to. sO i'm gonna vent on here.

    I've been looking for a job for the past month. Applying to places online, looking up jobs on craigslist every day, applying to everywhere I can in the city. Haven't found anything. It's so incredibly frustrating because I'm fucking trying, and my friends are talking about getting raises and finding jobs and shit and I have nothing.

    I just recently started seeing someone, and I feel like I'm just so frustrated and upset lately that I cant even enjoy the relationship... I like him so much but its stressing me out. I also only get to see him like once a week for a few hours because he lives far away and doesnt have a car or easy public transportation to the city. When I can see him, its always for a couple hours and then he has to go to work or something. I havent seen him since Friday, (and I saw him for like 3 hours) and I'm seeing him tonight but I need to be up early tomorrow morning to do some work for my dad.

    It just sucks, he is like the one thing in my life that would make me feel better, or at least take my mind off of shit, and I barely have that. I dont really have friends I feel comfortable talking to, at least not about shit like this because they dont understand. They just say "If I were you I'd apply to all these places". They dont get that I HAVE, or that I have no experience in anything which makes it so much harder to get like a waitressing job or something in the city.

    I fucking hate this shit, I dont know what the hell to do anymore. Every day I just wake up, go to the city, walk around for hours, come home, sit around by myself and then go to bed. Its so depressing and shitty and I cant take it any more but I have nothing else to do with my life.

    On top of that, I've been having major sleep problems lately... I cant fall asleep at night, and when I do, I wake up constantly, and then can't sleep in past 6am. So I'm just exhausted all the time.
  2. smoke more weed
  3. Yeah it sounds like your problems could be solved by literally smoking weed.
  4. No, it sounds like she has depression and needs to go seek out a primary care physician.
  5. im trying to not smoke weed cause it makes me really lazy. at least if i wake up and do something im out of the house, if i smoked weed all day i'd literally never leave. i only ever smoke when im with my boyfriend usually, when i see him. so not that often
  6. Horrible advice from some people on here ,

    Although this is not what you want to hear , it sounds like you are just going through normal teenage issues . Everybody has issues , some a lot more REAL then yours. EVerybody has there own way of dealing with the stress and emotions that come with being an adult.

    As you transition into the adult world it will be tough , it will get harder , and then even harder when you have a family and kids to support. But you sound like an intelligent bright being and i think you should be able to pull yourself out of this rut.

    I wish you peace young lady .

    Relax, and everything you are chasing will come to you .
  7. i'm 21, im not going through teenage issues.

    i just build up all this shit, and then one day itll just be too much. i know that its stupid but i know im probably depressed, ive had issues with depression for a long time and i was finally getting better but i think since school ended and ive had less to do and no luck finding a job its starting to come back... it just sucks, im not trying to be pessimistic but i feel like im never gonna get anywhere.

    even though i just started seeing this guy and he makes me really happy its just something i cant even deal with even though i know that its like the only thing in my life that is keeping me somewhat sane.
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    you gonna be alright. i think a main thing you got to do is get some sleep! sleep deprivation will make you go fucking bananas. also, learn to breathe, and enjoy life a little bit. remember its not all that bad!you got a significant other and alot of people would kill for that!.

    you cant be a busy body all the time but its awesome your constantly seeking work. maybe you need to fix your application or resumes?or maybe dress the role a little better im not sure.most of my jobs i just get the call randomly. and it takes like at least a month or so to get it so dont stop trying

    just stop taking life so seriously though,seriously...i think you need to just go somewhere with your boyfriend and enjoy a full day or have a awesome night. everybody needs a day where they say fuck the world im gonna enjoy today fuck what people think.

    i acctually got to go look for a job right now as im sitting in my towel...so bye and good luck

    edit- oh and when you get a job, and u got a steady income and feeling productive, your gonna feel like your whole life turned around and it will feel like a dream because how good everythings going.

    when lifes going good, its great. when its bad, its rainin a shit storm in your mind.
  9. Are you in school for something? You can get an internship if you are, probably. They may not pay but they will give you something to put on that resume which will get you a paid gig.

    What is on your resume now? You are 21, so you must have one, right?

    I'm in the same boat, looking for a job. I just graduated college and don't have an entire year of full time experience in a real job, though I have a couple years of experience cashiering/fast food/service industry shit. They want the full monty now, college AND experience, often for entry level jobs!

    Do you have waitressing experience? If you don't, you'll either have to lie about it or start as a hostess. Nobody is going to hire you as a waitress for your first job..not anymore :(
  10. I have a resume, its just shit cause Ive never worked at a real job before, so I have no experience with anything. I've been applying at a lot of temp places and entry level jobs but those are the ones that EVERYONE applies to so we'll see how that goes.

    its really hard to find a job in the city when you dont have experience with anything, i mean, places will tell you that you need experience to like work a cash register or some shit. its retarded.
  11. Talk to your friends with jobs maybe one of them can hook you up
  12. Well, if you are trying to find a job, then all you can do is continue trying. Maybe go volunteer somewhere. Go to the library and get some books (seriously you fall into a different world when you read, helps a LOT).

    Whatever you do, don't give up on yourself. Some things are difficult at first. You just have to continue doing what you can, and don't be so hard on yourself. :)

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