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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stonehenge919, Aug 15, 2007.

    Im worried about my plant...its my first indoor grow and it seems to be having problems but idk what it is or what 2 do im a newb. Can someone please im me on aim or pm me if u can help. I just have a few questions and i really need help....please

    thanks guys
  2. What? You couldn't ask the questions here?

    Get some pics up.
  3. i can ask them but idk i like to talk on aim better than on here....i have pics tho and questions think u can help me hash man?
  4. [​IMG]

    heres pics from 2 days ago
  5. so thats what i got 2 days ago....It is an exotic plant i got in a assort pack offline and only survivor. Bugs demolished all them, that plant was close to dead so i moved it inside and fed it some terracycle, also been using the miracle gro all purpose plant food. It seems to love it. I am using flors 100W total and 9300 total lumens. All of a sudden its sharp skunky smell is going away and the leaves are wrinckling in some spots bud they are still green? whats this mean and what do i do? Also some of the new growths are burning at the tips? it is in pre flower in a 5 gallon pot with perlite on the bottom for drainage. It is in a combination soil of miracle grow moisture control and the other miracle grow which feeds for 4 months.... i need some help please
  6. Your plant *looks* fine.

    If the tips are 'crinkly' like crispy, and actually brittle, than you've got a problem (chances are Nutrient Burn). Either way, you need to *STOP* using Miracle Gro. It's worthless to your 'kind' of plant;)

    What you should invest in is a bag of top-grade soil (you've got one plant, give it the best). That's 'Fox-Farm'. Period. Blue-Ribbon is...decent...but Fox-Farm is where it's at with soil. No other nutrients needed, as far as I'm concerned. Better bud = less additives, more nature.

    Also, you know about light-cycles, right?

    Feel free to drop a PM message, I can help you out a bit more in-depth.
  7. By the way you need bigger than that little CFL to flower that little girl. 200w light is my suggestion, but smaller will do it...slowly. A 200w over that one little girl will flower it in no time and full of sticky.

    But then, that's my take again;)
  8. yeah dude the edges of some leaves are curling under and becoming crispy =(
  9. thats just one light u can see in the pic....Above there is 2 27 watt N:Vision daylight bulbs, and 2 30Watt soft whites....On the right lower i have a normal spiral energy save floro and on the left lower ther is a 20 watt day light floro....they all are the spiral screw ins

    i just switched it off a 18/6 cycle and its now on a 12/12

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