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I need to stop being high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jibbs, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. I just smoked a bit and now I'm high, but I am going to my parents for christmas, and I can't stop giggling. How can i snap out of it quicker?
  2. Rly?

  3. You don't. Put some eye drops in and wait thats all you can do.
  4. Yeah man, eyedrops and then just roll with it. It could be fun.
  5. Are you shitting me? Smoke another fuck your parents...
  6. smoke more and eventually, maybe, you'll be sober
  7. This to an extent. Lol although it probably won't work for you. You appear to be a noob.
  8. Sigh... jack off then take a shower.

    I'm serious.
  9. eat some food

  10. QFT.

    or just have a cup of coffee and chill out for 10 minutes.
  11. Masterbate. Alot
  12. Eat


    Jack off
  13. My parents came over but i snuck a toke.. Not hard to hide it and honestly i dont need to hide it i just do it to have respect. If your over 18 whats the big deal
  14. [quote name='"rastaballer209"']



    Hahaha that just made my day
  15. Think of me fuckin the shit outta your mom on the dinner table, pressin her titties into the mashed yams, and shovin ham hocks up her ass. Lathering gravy on her pussy cheeks. Imma put a bow on her head and ice her face..

    And think of that everytime you see her.
  16. Just calm down smoke another one and say fuck it. That's what I do when I visit relatives it makes me feel more comfortable in the fact they know or assume I smoke.
  17. maybe if you ask Santa he will bring you some eye drops
  18. stick your finger up your bum
  19. its funny the way this is true
  20. I opened my presents high as fuck, it was awesome. Stop trippin, grow a pair, and go have a good danksmas.

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