I Need To Start Living.

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  1. This is kinda random, but I was just smoking and sitting in my room, and it just hit me. I realized I need to start living. I'm always getting ready to live but never living. When I say living, I mean truly enjoying life to the fullest, not just having a good time once in a while. I mean doing stuff I'm scared to do, because if you think about it, nothing we do is gonna matter in the end, we're all gonna die.
    You can either let that depress you, or inspire you, and I'm gonna let it inspire me.
    I need to start living without regrets, to start living a life of endless fun, to start living.

    But how?
  2. no better time than the present
    Im on board with you. My definition of living life is not grinding at a job living check to check
    I want to travel. I want to get out of the USA. I want to meet others and learn their culture. Smoke weed in every country. Maybe become a botanist
    but shit thats never happeneing. I dont have the money :(
  4. The time to start living is now..."waiting" for your life to start never works...
    "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."  -John Lennon
  5. How? Just get off your ass and do something, only you can decide what to do to 'live' though. Take up a hobby do more of what you love travel the world. Whatever takes your fancy.
    Pack a back pack and go hitchhiking living on the streets. I had a blast as a kid.
  7. Don't think just do.  The answer is in your own post.
  8. Start having unprotected sex.  If that doesn't make you feel alive I don't know what will. 
    throw in a bit of dumpster diving and it's pure gold
    Yes its part of the education you get living on the streets that builds character.
    The only bad times is when I was dumb,fucked up and went to jail.
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    There's no such thing as living without regret. I know that all of the white knights of GC are going to potentially give me some shit for saying this, but what you and a lot of people describe to me, is actually just a fixed perception of what "living" actually is. You've grown up with so much privilege, at least so much more than the majority of the planet, that your pampered skill sets and fundamental understanding of the world around you, makes what you have and have experienced already, seem dull. You're deluded into thinking that struggling for a paycheck, living just to get by, doing things you don't necessarily want to do, etc, means that you aren't "living". That's the definition of living, and always has been. Adversity is the sculptor of man. Regret is inescapable if you intend on living a life of any real substance. Your fuck ups are a central component to your personal evolution and the conjuring of your self. "Fun", "happiness", or any other vague constructs, are all temporary in nature, and shouldn't serve as some ultimate goal line. If you're gonna chase the dragon forever, you can. You might spend all your time having fun and "living life" only to find that when you come down off of cloud 9, that everyone else is further ahead in it and enjoying it more than you. Because while they were somewhat grounded, you threw caution to the wind based on a naive notion of "being free", when you're really just trying to shrug off responsibility and the predictability of your own lifestyle. That would just be another regret brought on by your decision to attempt to live without them. If you want to go out and see the world; see the world. If you want to pursue your passions, you should. But don't think that being "happy" or having "fun", isn't something that comes with a lot of effort and work on your part, and a lot of that work is the shit you're trying to run from.
    same here.  in my case it was for busking :rolleyes:  just 12 hours in the cage, tho, but in a foreign country :eek:
  13. Travel, read, play videogames, do the things you like!
    Today I had a great day, I planned a trip with some friends (for next month), I smoked a nice joint, read some comics, cooked some nice food, exercised a bit.
    Life is a all about little things that bring you happiness.
  14. I packed my shit up and moved to Denver back in March. Couldn't be happier. I had a great paying job back home, but was miserable and working 7 days a week. Now I work at a dispensary, make almost half what I made in Boston, but I'm much happier.
    True freedom lies in consuming little.
    Do what makes you happy, you're not going to live forever.
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  16. Ever seen a horror movie?

    Fuck yo presents!
  17. Nope.

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