i need to smoke more.

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  1. I want to tell a little story about how I smoke way to muh wee. First I got a nice call from mith asking if I wanted to hang out at mcdonalds. I agreed and got ready at my house so I went to his car and then we enetrered mcdonalds and we choose are fodd and sat down. I saw my friend John whoi knew from school and I said was up bro and we had a decent conversation for two minutes with y friend. Until I went to retard mode and couldn't

    Speak normal and eneded the conversation right. So said hey alright man I'll catcha later and didn't really mean to day go away faggott. He then awkwardly walked away saddened by rejection. I proceeded to call him over sayin I want to end the coversation right. He didn't believe that I liked him
  2. Continue: I then said damn dawgpound u my son and I honestly think of u as a friend. I heard a good positive song and we shook hands like alrigt breed I'll chill wit u later. He then threw a ketchup packet at my head from 20 feet away and successfully said yesh as a matter of fight I did hit u with ketchup hahahaha. and then I said Mitch did I screw up my friendship with John and he said haha ya zach ya did. Haha he gave me the bad news so joyful I felt really bad that's I ruined it and I never gave hits actions seriously. He forgave me and Noe we sharp a new story to laugh about. I never want to be this high ever again. Never. Too high are they laughing at me.
  3. I smoked too much
  4. Uh,...what... English please. Not broken slang half english. Ive used the internet for most of my life and I could still barely stand to read this. It was an assault on my eyes, and brain.

  5. lolll
  6. good stuff lol
  7. anyone else here too high for this
  8. son you too high, take a nap
  9. Haha i just imagine someone ebing hit in the ehad with a ketchup packet.Ima have to youtube this shit.Lol
  10. It's not that WE are too high, I think the kid who wrote this was too high.
  11. i wish my pot had xanax in it.
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    Ha lol

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