I need to shave off my beard....

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  1. so it'll grow in thicker and not so patchy. But I've had it since High School... I've shaved it off once in the past... and I felt naked, felt like a deer in headlights when I looked at my self in the mirror, I looked like a little boy. I didn't recognize who I was. I was not me.

    Bleh, it sucks... After winter I think I'm going to start shaving it... untill then it shall grow all scraggly and unkept and keep my face warmer than the dickens. That's how I like it, all scraggly and unkept. Plus the women seem to dig it too... Mad girls are flirtatious with me. And It is because my Beard releases more pheromones, it's been scientifically proven...

    Anyone else in the same boat... Having to shave off your facial hair, but not wanting to. Whether it be for a job, or what ever. How did you cope? Is there a twelve step program I can join? Is there Beard Anonymous Support Groups?
  2. If you really want it short, but don't like how you look shaved, why not keep it trimmed fairly short, thats how I keep my shizznizzle and thats how I like it.
  3. I feel like Chuck Norris would have something to say on this matter..
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  4. I want to shave so it will grow in thicker, so I gotta shave it :(:(:(:(

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