I need to save these.

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  1. How do I save these plants
    600wt lights
    Cocoa / perlite mix and
    Floating roots watertable.
    GH flouro
    RO Filter
    69 t0 78 degrees
    Ph 5.8 to 6.4
    Plants get thriving and kikn butt. About a month into bud when everything looks awesome they begin to mimic Mg deficiency. The brand of nutes don't seem to matter. The more nutes I have the longer it takes to develop the problem, but now my nutes are at the peak i can give em while the problem grows. The leafs that see any light start to get little spots til the outer vainal areas bleach and the leafs die. I'm looking from the underneath now and the spots are like transparent. I can see the light thru the spots. Soon i'll be able to see thru them. What it is is the whole plant seems to just want to frign die with deficiencies almost suddenly. I have been having this happen too many times now and I seriously need help. I thought I had it figured out when I dosed heavy with cal mag and they thrived. Til now. AGAIN! I'm now folier feeding with epsom salt. Another forum friendly person mentioned airborne toxins. They're symptoms were like mine. I did find some toxic vapors nearby and removed it a day ago. I kinda hope that was it. I'm tired of staying up late trying to salvage this once easily grown weed. I have one plant in the last few months that doesn't seem to notice. It was an experimental the was in 3 gallons of soil then put in a 5 gallon with cocoa and perlite. I treat it like a hydro plant. And feed it floronova full strength. It looks slightly over watered like expected.
    But how do i save the others? your time spent will be really appreciated and Karma will pay you off some day.

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  2. HIGH All, welcome to The City beensoup.....it'd be nice to see the whole plant..with some shots of other leaves.

    It looks like Calcium deficiency...try foliar feeding with Dolomite Lime. Do you have nutrients that have Calcium in it?
  3. HIGH All, from the look at those Pics..some look fert burnt. Maybe just flush with PHed water and start Feeding again at a Lower Level....Floating roots watertable...is this like a Ebb&Flow? Your PH of 6.4 is Also a Little HIGH...if you can keep it around 5.6...5.8 might help
  4. Water table is just a water bed with the plants roots sitting in the water and mass air pumped up underneath each plant. only uses half the nutes and is very efficient. just touchy though. Side by side with cocoa it can be just a little better. This water is about 5.7 to 6.1.
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  6. Follow up.
    Air Toxicity is real. My crops are back to normal after a year of stress and torture. Do not let your plants breath toxins. If it doesn't kill them it will compromise the quality. Air toxicity resembles Mg deficiency. Mg is used by the plant to help get rid of toxins. If you have Mg deficiency signs and you believe you could have had your plants exposed to air toxins(in my case it was painting supplies) you can try to increase the dose of Mg. It will help but it may be two late. It took my plants over two weeks to show improvement but it was too late. I had a 30% harvest.
    Thanks to all who helped me with this even though no one guessed it, and I hope this will help someone in kind. Feels good to be back.

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