i need to remove yahoo search malware

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  1. attached is what i mean.

    the yahoo search bar is clearly malware, since my firefox search bar is google (on the right side on the same level as the bookmarks)

    anybody know how to get rid of it? i've ran Malware bytes and it doesn't find anything

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  2. brother
    ive used
    microsoft security essentials
    its legit, free
    and np
    worked wonders for me

  3. It probably installed as an add-on through Firefox.

    If not, there will be an uninstall option in the toolbar menu, if you can find it
  4. it's not in the list of add-ons, and there isn't an uninstall option in the toolbar menu.
  5. try hitman and tdsskiller. If those dont find anything then just uninstall reinstall firefox while removing all preferences. Backup your bookmarks first
  6. you guys arent understanding i don't think :)

    it's not actually a yahoo toolbar, it's malware that's designed to look like a search bar.
  7. based on your screen shot I'd say you might just have a tab pinned (kind of like a bookmark) right click on it and it should give you some options one of them being delete pin or unpin.

    What version of firefox are you running?
  8. whatever the latest version is. if i right click, i can't delete - pin - or unpin, none are options.
  9. That's odd. I've never encountered that type of malware anymore. I know Yahoo toolbar used to install with basically everything back in the day, and it was a real pain to get rid of.

    There's nothing listed in your add/remove programs list is there? I doubt it, but it's worth a shot.

    I know this is about Chrome, but maybe you'll find some of it useful. I hope so man. Google Discussiegroepen
  10. nah there's not. i guess it's not particularly a "yahoo" issue, since you can change the type of "search"; but i really just can't find a way to get rid of it.

    that's why im assuming its malware. because if it wasn't, i figure it'd be easy to get rid of lol.

  11. MSE is decent for small shit but idk, ive had mine over run and become "malicious" its self.:mad:
    Untill that shit gets fucked by sumthing nastyyy like two of my compuiters just did yesterday, No fuckin pron or nuttin.:confused:

    whats a really intense antivirus program. I need one.
  12. ok try clicking on your yahoo tab and a site that appears like yahoo comes up? try hitting ctrl+u on that page and firefox will give you the source and the HTML for it. That way you can at least verify who/what you are dealing with. Also what does the icon to the right of the yahoo tab say?
  13. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling firefox yet? That would have been one of the first things I did if I didnt see yahoo tolbar in addons or list of installed programs.
  14. Superantispyware, its free and its very good (even better in safe-mode) Download and run CCleaner first (also free).

    I also use Avast free antivirus just for peace of mind and MCE but its superantispyware and CCleaner that handle any problems.

    I run CCleaner often to clean out the yuck temp folder :smoke:
  15. Windows Security Essentials. I know it's made by Windows but it really is very good, they know how to clean there own OS. It's free and really nice. You don't have anything to lose so go for it.

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