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i need to pass my drug tests

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by youngwildfre420, May 4, 2011.

  1. Alright so here's the deal, as part of a court order completly unrelated to marijuana, I'm required to pass random drug tests. I went into my probation officers office a few days ago and failed a drug test and they said I'm to come back in 2 weeks because thc stays in your system for 30 days. my problem is that I just smoked today and I have 12-13 days to get clean. I've smoked weed daily for a year and a half now but recently I've drasicly cutt back from 2 grams a day to way under a half gram. My weight is appx. 190 and im 6 foot. I wouldn't say I'm fat but I'm definatly not skinny. Any ideas on how I can beat this that doesn't involve abstaining from my lovely mary jane? The test is a four strip instant test and my PO does not watch me while I'm in the stall so if I can't clean my system I could definatly somehow sub it but with what? Any synthetic urine that can be confirmed as legit? If not how could I use a friend urine? How would I assure its at the correct temp? Any input would be great thanks
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  3. I did. Multiple times. And never found the answer I needed. So I opened an account and formed a thread hoping for a direct reliable answer for my situation.
  4. Ol then here you go, Best thing to do is buy a detox drink or synthetic untimely, if he does not watch then yeah go for the urine, just make sure you make it body temp when actually using it
  5. Go to a headshop and buy there 7 day detox. Most of them have these things. Get the 7 day pills and don't get the drinks.
  6. Sorry I never finished reading it. Just go to a head shop and ask for the most reliable one, might be a bit more $ but worth it. A friends should also work. To make it body temp. But it in the micro wave for a few seconds to make it close to body temp, then put it in a bag and strap it to your thigh, but make sure as much is making contact with you skin as possible so the middle doesn't get too cold.
  7. If it's a lab test don't get the detox drinks my friend got fucked over. Get somebody to piss in a little cup for you. Or fucking get off weed. God damn I hate kids who CANT quit it probably makes all people who smoke weed on probation look like addicted fucking meth addicts. Quit dude, jail isn't worth it.

    Edit: this is what my friend did. On the way to the place warm the piss with your car heater, keep it in your waistband to maintain temperature

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