i need to pass a home drug test in 2-3weeks

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    i need to pass a home drug test from my parents lol they found my stuff im going to call it quits till i have my own place and then i can toke all i want im more on the hwhats the best way to past a home drug test? i need to be able to piss in a cup i assume its not infront of them so i could be able to hid things in the bathroom to make it inconclusive but whats the best way to pass in these next few weeks i really need my personal things back phone video game system etc. Im open to anything pls no smart comments i dont need it. also i smoked for about a good month in june stopped the 30th of june i smoked really heavy i didnt smoke weed until after i got back in july which was july 21st and i smoked two blunts probably about 1.5 gs total and after july 21st i smoked 2 grams weekly up to this week on tuesday i only smoked a gram if that tuesday night so im wondering if there is things i can buy i have money so im open to options i need to pass by the 26th and its a home drug test pls someone help me out.
  2. you're fucked
  3. 1st of all is drink plenty water til then. will help flush toxins from body and then start drinking some of these cheap and easy to make just tell parents you trying a health kick heres the link 13 Detox Juices To Drink Yourself Clean hope it helps good luck i managed it for a work test using this but you have to stick to it

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  4. If you don't want to binge anything and you don't have an ethical problem with it I've gotten passed employment drug screening with synthetic urine. You can even buy it online. Don't follow the instructions they come with though they're garbage. Message me if you go that route if you want. I've got a method that's foolproof if I do say so myself.
  5. if i drink enough water can i dilute the pee or is there detox drinks i can buy im open to anything pls if anyone has any options
  6. You can even buy two and run to CVS and buy an at home weed test to make sure it works.
  7. dude just keep smoking and fail the test #Noneofthismatters
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  8. i kinda laughed after such a shitty night but i need to pass seriously
  9. i will update anyone i heard nician pills work or whatever theyre called what kind is the best to get and how should i go about taking them if anyone has any answers?
  10. u will fail i recon

    just be up front. Sounds like ur parents know u have been smoking and you lied about it- hence the drug test.

    Tell em you have been. You like cannabis but will stop whilst your under their roof.
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  11. they already know i did lol im just trying to pass lol
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  12. Punctuation would help, not with your tests but I'm sure it'd make your parents prouder.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. could you stop being a jerk pls?
  15. what happens if you fail the test
  16. oi
    i get kicked out on the street with no where to go.
  17. so u knew u had a test coming, smoked anyway and could be out on the street?
    well u can only blame yourself i suppose.
  18. i didnt know i was it was thrown on me last night and they said i had till then
  19. So they knew u smoked? Then what is the drugs test for? Even if u don't smoke again u might not pass. If they know u have smoked why aren't they just kicking u out now?

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  20. im not sure honestly.

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