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I Need To Make A Cement Speedbump

Discussion in 'General' started by therealbman, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Okay so I need to make a large cement speed bump. Anyone here have any experience with cement or what I'll need? I'm looking to make it about a foot high, a foot wide, and 9 or so feet long.

    Also any idea how long it would take me? How long will I have to pour the cement?
  2. What speed bump is a a foot high?
  3. Thats definitely illegal, and a foot high? Jesus...
  4. A day and 10 yards of concrete make a form drill into the deck put some steel bar in tie up a cage and lay your mud. Oh and knowing what youre doing is pretyy helpfull

    A foot high your fucking car would scrape the fuck off the wheels if you hit that thing 3 or four inches at best go To home depot and buy a pre made and hot tar it to the road
  5. Get yourself some Quik-crete, directions are on the bag, mix as directed. I would suggest making a form for it, at a foot high thats a hell of a speed bump, so you will most likely have to include the round top in the form.
  6. why are you talking so fast?
  7. I hope to hell you are using this speed bump for an amazingly elaborate prank :D
  8. If you made a cement speedbump, it would just blow away in the wind.

    Cement is a powder used to harden concrete.

    Now a concrete speedbump would fuck some shit up.
  9. I don't think anyone asked this but what the fuck do you need a foot tall speedbump for?
  10. I didn't know they made premades.

    And after looking I guess what I need is a premade parking block.
  11. Why do you need it, lol
  12. i think fast

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