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I need to make $100

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 12inchbong, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. Ok, so I don't exactly need to make a hundred bucks, but I really want to.

    I got off work last night, ready to party at a friend's, and my fucking tire was flat. GRRRR. Now I have to shell out my hard-earned (and very scarce) mulah just for a shitty piece of rubber. Damn this universe. Ya, and my hours at work are getting cut like a manic depressive's arm. It SUCKS. I need money, not free-time. I think I'm gonna look for a second job tomorrow, after I fix my flat fucking tire.

    Any ideas as to how I can make some quick cash (no whoring of my body, can't sell weed...)? I'd rather buy an ounce this week than an eighter. And I don't know anybody that I wouldn't feel bad stealing $100 from. Or do I......hmmm.....

    I wanna punch someone in the head.....

  2. If you punch them hard enough, theres a good chance they'll go down. And if they go down, theres a mediocre chance they might have a hundred dollars on them that you could gank.

    Other than that, I was going to go with the whoring yourself out option, but that seems out of the question.

    Ummm, you got any old video games you don't play? You could sell them or something, I don't know.
  3. yes..or cd's

    u can sell cd's back to the stores..right? least u could when Wharehouse was still around...
  4. you take a 50 dollar bill and rip it, then you take one half into the bank and say your drunk friend ripped it and ate the other half last night and you were wondering if you could exchange it for a 50.

    then you take the other half to some other bank and do the same thing.

    rinse. and repeat.

  5. I'm 99.9% positive that banks will only accept a ripped bill if it still has the watermark strip thingy in it. So if I rip a 50 in half I'll only be able to get one more because only one half will have the strip.

    I already sold all the videogames that I haven't played, and nobody will buy my Dreamcast for more than probably $10. But I live in Oakland County, which is the 3rd (I think) wealthiest county in the country. Everyone here usually leaves their expensive cars unlocked. My older brothers used to do this, so I might as well try. You just go to some random neighborhood and go from car to car until you find one that is unlocked and has stuff in it. Usually you find cellphones, laptops, cash. I'm just lookin for a hundo, is that too much to ask? I'm sure the rich snobs around here aren't gonna spend it on something better than pot..... :)

  6. woahhh does that work?

  7. Lol. You could find a few of them and talk them into actually killing themselves. Usually when people kill themself they give their shit away, so they might give you some stuff.

    Or you could go with the car jacking thing. And if you wanted to be nice you could pay them back when you have the money :p

  8. i think not, banks usually need both halves or both serial numbers. dumb plan, worth a shot.

    look around for useful electronics you dont use. i needed cash so i sold my minidisc player and my n64. i know a couple computer-oriented message boards with for sale forums that i could PM you if wanted. if you post any electronic or computer related stuff there for cheap, someone'll buy it.

    like people said, old cds, video games, dvds, etc. anything that seems valuable and you dont use, try to sell. thats all i can think of, sorry. and if you find a real good plan and it works, let me know. i could use some cash.
  9. first off im a manic depressent so i dont appreciate the comment. second off if you start stealing from people i hope they catch you and kick ur ass i know i would.
  10. Hey man, I apologize. I meant no offense by what I said. And if need be, I'll defend myself if I'm assaulted by my victim..... or I'll just run like hell..... after I grab what I can..... :)
  11. I wouldn't recommend stealing because i don't think stealing is cool. That's me tho. I'd suggest selling useless shit on ebay. If you want to sell something, and can't find someone to sell it to, sell it on ebay. Someone will want it. And if you're really desperate, go up to the rich ppls houses and explain what's up and ask if u can do a little yard work or something. That's only if you're really desperate though. It was just an idea but now it seems kinda low class.
  12. 10 grams of weed for $100.....then sell each gram for $20.....thus u have $200 and u've made $'on there's SOMEway you can sell weed to get this $100...(it'd be easy for me...dunno maybe where u live no one would wanna buy for $20 a g :))
  13. don't fucking steal shit... thats just gonna give stoners a bad name. ass.

  14. I think if you steal from someone that left their car unlocked, it's their own fault for not locking it up. There was something else I was going to say...I forgot.

  15. Something a thief would say..

    Stealing is stealing.

    Your best bet would be to try a lot of smaller things instead of one large task. go to any parks and collect pop bottles. sell a kidney. go to people houses wih dirty cars and wash for a few dollars. sad fact is that you most likely WILL have to work to get $100..

    Or, find another job if your not getting enough hours..
  16. locks are there because we can't trust society anymore. If I don't lock my car, it's not my fault that some shitty person comes along and steals my shit, it's their fault. They could have passed the car by and been honest. If you resort to stealing shit, I hope someone you steal from runs you over with their car. Stealing is just fucking wrong.

  17. No, it has to have the serial # on the bill or something like that for banks to redeem it.
    Otherwise, there'd be a shitload of people doing that all the time for a living. (Take 1 $50, rip it in half and get 2 $50s, rip those in half and get 4 $50s, rip those in half and get 8 $50s, etc. etc.)
  18. I'm joking here (kinda) but you could sell a kidney. It will decrease your lifespan, but you can sell a kidney for over $20,000 (and legally, too!)

    I don't think I'll ever get desperate enough for money to do that, but you never know...
  19. Go ahead and steal...................................... KARMA always catches up!

  20. So if I only smoke pot, not cigs, and I'm pretty healthy, would I live until 60-65 after having one kidney removed? I don't wanna live past 65 anyways, so if I'd live healthy until then..... I could use an extra 20 grand.....

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