I need to learn about colors/consistency of my wax in cartridges.

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  1. Hello, I'm currently getting into using cartridges now. After buying a few different ones, I've noticed things like consistency, color, smell, taste, and other things can be very different. I have one now that is very runny, has an odd taste, and very golden yellow. It doesn't have great effects on us. It also leaves a sediment inside of the glass tube as it's being used. Can anyone give me some pointers on what to look for and expect? Things to stay away from?
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  3. So all carts will eventually have some vaped "remains" recirculate into the tank the longer they are used which is why I like to only get half gram / .5ml carts.

    1 gram carts are nice but unless you can heat and suck the remaining liquid out with a syringe if it bothers you and put it into a different cart you will always be pulling and vaping oil through a relatively gunked up atomizer head.

    The inconsistency can certainly be a downer between manufacturers but the higher concentration of cannabinoids and ease of use is fantastic. While a lot of people may be able to only use vape carts I only use them throughout the day for an added little bump in medicating. Since distillate is often used the carts with high THC will raise your tolerance if used often.

    Plus, depending on where the carts came from and all that who knows what's in there. Ideally, everything would be tested for purity and for multiple contaminants but even in medical and recreational states shit fails constantly. I am sure many places use less than ideal thinners that aren't great for you and could also affect the performance of the product.

    Ramble Jam.
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  4. Thank you for that!
    Do you have any input on what vape cart consistency should be? Should it be dark and thick with slower bubbles? Light and runny with fast bubbles?
  5. The consistency all depends on the product that was used, the process in which it was made, the final mix if the manufacturer used a liquidizer agent AND the type of cartridge even because of the flow rate and amount of airflow it has! Haha. It can be complex I suppose.

    I like the distillate in carts to be pretty thick but still runny at room temp, having to "armpit" a cart every time to get it to pull is no fun, conversely if it is too thick and some invariably gets in the air path it's like trying to suck a bowling ball through a garden hose until it heats up unless you have a pin or needle handy to clear the obstruction.

    If it's BHO or CO2 oil or rosin even that has been winterized and put into a cart it is practically mystery oil IMHO, unless you know that the vendor is reputable.

    Color really can vary. You just mainly don't want it to be cloudy or really taste overpoweringly weird or off. I like to take a bunch of tiny sips off of it to give the atomizer a break and follow that with a lot of air when I use carts. Some really good carts I am very gently with while using as to preserve the atomizer from too much heat and fatigue.
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  6. You need to stop smoking that now... that looks extremely unhealthy and dirty. Vape cartridges should have 0 movement. It should take several minutes for the bubble to move and you should not smoke anything looking like that. Where are you located?
  7. Thanks I'm going to take it back to the guy and let him know it wasnt cool We are in Mississippi, so we just have to get what we can and trust it
    I know that looked off though

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