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Your favs...

  1. Outdoor?

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  2. Indoor?

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  3. Natural?

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  4. Moderate chemical additives?

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  1. I'm getting started with outdoor growing but i keep skrewing it all up! I only wanna end up wif 3 or 4 plants all up, i'll also be using sativa strains and i wanna stay as natural as possible (no chemical after taste!). So any words of wisdom would be a blessing...Peace!!!
  2. I grow in a green house and try to do it as natural as i can. I use very little ferts any more. I do use a good potting soil and as much natural lighting as i can.
  3. i use no chemicals and grow indoors and outdoors... it seems to me taht the stuff just ends up tasting better without checmicals in it no clue why maybe just a mental thing... when growing outside make sure you use a strong plant mold resistant etc... because the nature is the best place for our plants but also the worst... worst by so many people so many bugs so many problems..... Best because the light is the best you can get and your roots will be able 2 stretch out and grow a tall bush... ( not tat kinda bush) lol good luck
  4. I can't really say that ,

    most of the time I smoke Dutch weed, and I suppose that that is indoor (hope no chemics ?()

    Imo, some natural home growen (outdoor) ganja is the top for me :)

    After all its free, and u know wot u smoke.

    grtz El_principal
  5. Tanx for the advice dudes!
    I'll most probably grow wifout chemicals (i think it's just a mental thing too).
  6. HIGH All, taste Chemicals????? I've been doing Hydro for over 20 years and I've never had a problem. Two grows ago I did Hydro (Bubble Buckets) on one side of the room and Organic on the other side. The "Chemicals" I use are Nutrilife's NutriGreen"A" 10-0-0 NutriGrow"B" 3-9-27 for the Veg. stage. NutriGreen"A" NutriBloom "C" 0-26-27 for BUDding http://www.nutrilifeproducts.com/.

    The other side the Organic girls which recieved Fox Farm's Grow Big 12-7-7 for of coarse Vegging and Fox Farm's Big Bloom 0.01-0.3-0.7 http://www.foxfarmfertilizer.com/indexx.htmfor BUDding.

    Two weeks of straight water and All the "Chemicals" are flushed out. The Organic girls were flushed for three days and it All tasted the same to me. Maybe I smoke too much of my loved ones and it's what I'm used to. My friends don't complain when I "give" them a BUD or two or three *LOL*.

    Grow anyway you want, just grow and Have Fun. Learn our sacred plant needs and wants.

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