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Discussion in 'General' started by TheReckoningDay, May 2, 2011.

  1. What would be the best chaser for gin? I fucking hate gin, but for some reson I have half a bottle of it :smoke:
  2. Throw it away. You'll thank me when you dont feel like shit today and tomorrow
  3. Hellll no i dont give a fuck i love being drunk.
  4. more gin
  5. orange juice man, sunny D, stuff like that, mix it up with some sunny D then mix a little bit of fresh lime in to it as well, good shit.
    or you could do tonic water and lemon juice as well.
  6. yeah u deff want something fruity with gin
  7. Nooiiicccee, Im gettin me some sunny D fools
  8. squeezing a little lime into the sunny d doesn't sound like a bad idea either
  9. Sprite, blue mountain dew, basically anything that's really sweet.
  10. My favorite is Orange Juice or some kind of berry juice.

    But really anything that's really sweet will do fine.
  11. Chasers are for wimps.
  12. Juice man. Thats all you need.
  13. tolerating gross tastes doesn't make you tough haha

    "sippin on gin and juice"
  14. Chase it with a bowl rip...........Thank me later (Oh and have a towel ready):wave:
  15. Haha, this reminds me of my highschool days. Drinking water bottles of straight gin all day in class.

    Either that or orange gatorade bottles with oj in them, teachers never even realized it wasnt gatorade. haha.

    But yeah, go with oj for some reason that pine taste goes good with orange..
  16. My advice: mix gin, don't take shots.

    As much as I love drinking, especially gin, even I do not like shooting gin. Mix up some gin and tonics or mix it with OJ.

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