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Discussion in 'General' started by Mickey.T, Apr 8, 2002.


Do You Want Me To Leave Grasscity.com

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  1. Okay, I\'m sure you all know what has been going on over the last few days between me and eome. I\'m not going to get in to it. All I ask is that you vote honistly on this one cuz as much as i don\'t want to go if you all want me to go then i will go. I am asking ALL the peeps out in the city to vote on this one.

  2. Now I don\'t like you mickey and i won\'t pretend I do but the fact is that you are a good source of debate for me- and it is debate that makes us able to more clearly deffine our own view on the world. You have pissed me off but I don\'t think that you should go. I just think that you have been acting like a bit of an arsehole with the way that you talk to people- no blade should ever leave this forum cos of a fight they have with one person. I\'m sure that no one want\'s ya to leave. You just need to talk to fellow blades with the respect that they deserve- regardless of who they are and what status they have, you can\'t talk down to people.

    You have had ur mod status taken from you. In my view that has been totaly justified. If you feel that you want to leave the forum then fine- it\'s ur choice. But don\'t leave cos of one person that you don\'t like. All over this forum there are pairs of people that do not like each other- but that does not mean that they are not liked by the whole forum what is between them is between them and what is more I ask everyone not involved in this argument to forget about it. Those involved- Me, Cowboysaxman and Mickey T- keep it in the pandora\'s box section. Outside of that I will not pretend to like you but I will put nothing into posts to suggest that. I will answer any q\'s you put on that I can- with truth and honnesty and without any kind of malace or spite. That is all.

    I\'m tired of this...
  3. I also voted no. I have disagreed on some of your posts felt that something were partially at your fault but feel that you can also contribute something worthwhile. Everyone gets pissed off at something. We all just have to try and let things roll off our back.

  4. I am not going to vote at the moment. I kinda feel like I shouldn\'t post any more.

    It was funny till the \"don\'t fall in the hole\" part. Next time you just keep your jokes to your self okay !!!!!


    I may just need to keep it all to myself!

    What does everyone else think??
    Ive noticed on message boards hat sarcasm is hard to detect. If you don\'t know someone too well you may not get that\'s it\'s a joke, the truth, or sarcasm.


    If I made a post stating
    \"You are all slow pot heds :roll: \"

    You would know it would be sarcasm.

    If someone joined the board and only one post stating \"You are all slow pot heds :roll: \" some of you would flame him.
    What if that new blade was sarcastic?

    Any way, mabe if one dosent agree with a statement maby one could say \"I don\'t agree and here are the reasons why\"
    And not \"Your wrong you dumb dick\"

    The jokes, if ou don\'t like them. don\'t laugh.

    AnD hArDeR lIkE tHiS!!!!

    good night, I hope every one is in a better mood tommrow.

    PS, I voted no.
  6. I voted NO!!

    I believe that, other than yourself(meaning all Blades), only SJ should decide who resides here in this wonderful place!!
    While you were in a dark mood, I was in a \"thin-skinned\" one, and we both acted childishly. I regret that our foolishness involved other Blades, and pledge to try to be a better example of what a Blade should be!!

    Bud Head, PLEASE do not recluse yourself to us, it would be like be distanced from a close friend or family member!!! I enjoy reading your posts, your humor, and yes...even your \"occasional\" sarcasim! LOL

    Can\'t we all just hit a bong? I mean, get along!..Nope I meant Hit a Bong!!!! Lmao :smoking:
  7. C\'mon Mickey....We care....ALL Grasscity members are desired and welcome to stay,and yes that includes you...This post would not be here unless the unrest of your actions has snagged your thoughts...you have apologized..make peace with yourself,and those directly involved,(you were not alone) and move on..remembering respect to others,, utmost important when posting.,.Especially when acting as Moderator,,.... IMO...I don\'t think anyone here really want\'s to be possibly referred to as the reason for your leaving Grasscity...If you wish to leave ..I feel that will have to be your choice..alone.

    We all have bad days....It does not make us bad people..you are no different....as Amanita said....your human..

  8. Everyone disagrees @ one time or another.
    What the hell.Cant we all get along?
    nobody wants you to leave.

  9. HIGH All, ((((((((((((((((((((((((GROUP HUG))))))))))))))))))))))

    AAHHHHHH much better!!! Puff Puff Pass
  10. I have finally made up my mind but I have to keep it to myself so I can\'t post it. Sorry!
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