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i need to know this

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by kdog108, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. i still live with my mom and i have this bed that i can crawl under its like a storrage bed and can i grow weed under there would it have a strong smell? that she could smell cause if she does im goin to get a belt
  2. does weed have a strong smell? can i grow it under my storrage bed i can crawl under it its about 3 feet up is that big enough

  3. the belt? lol how old are u?
  4. i reckon if ya dont even know what grass smells like ya shouldnt bother turnin your folks (probably good law abidin citizens ! ) house into an under bed ( the word ` stealth` comes into mind ) drug den !!

    An if your old enuff 2 get t´ belt then u aint gonna b old enuff to b smokin !! give ya mind and body another couple o years ......


    jus my opinion
  5. i meant does it have a strong smell when growing it not smoking it i no that
  6. yes it smellsmost when flowering, and will be noticed, in a house, unless you have a very good extraction system........Peace out........Sid

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