I need to know the brand name of this pipe..

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  1. or if u know the exact model Please tell me haha

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  2. Thats not a pipe its a dab rig/a bubbler from the look of it..
  3. Yea i know, sorry my bad.
    But the important thing is the brand :/
    I know its a shitty pic..

  4. I tried to zoom in on the brand but the picture is potato quality so its blurry lol, dont you have any other pictures?
  5. No :/
    I thought maybe someone recognize it or have one like this
  6. All i know is, it might be an us brand..
    And i dont know the us brands, im from germany :D
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  7. It could be any brand then how you know its from USA?
  8. Bc this pic is taken in the us :D i just think i dont know..
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  9. you might have better luck going to her insta then i guess EDIT ; nevermind..:tacos::tacos::tacos:

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