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I Need To Know Step By Step How To Grow Outside After Germination.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StonerRob, May 21, 2013.

  1. Okay I'm a noob growing literally know nothing at all. I germinated my seed and I need to know the simple step by step of growing out doors.. Be simple with it too. I mean dont go into talking about ph levels or whatever cause you're just going to confuse me. So start by telling me what I do with the seed after germination. Lol sorry Im just a noob.

  2. well you go and read alot and alot and alot and then read some more then start growing.
  3. Dude, Its all so confusing I have miracle grow gardening soil and I read all over that its good then its bad? wtf??? Should I plant in a big bucket or small pot to start off? Im gonna do this so dont tell me to give it up I just want helpppppppppp
    The first 10-20 threads are "pinned" read em up!
    Just like Thunderfuck said, everything you need to know is right here. 
    Maybe have a friend read it to you so you don't have to do too much work.  :rolleyes:
  5. lmao... No I'm done for all the work it's just the learning but only way to learn is to do it.. I just don't wanna mess up I only have 1 seed :|
  6. down*** not done
    Well nobody is going to write a guide just for you (there are some on the forum already).

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    @[member="Thunder_Fuck"] They better write a guide just for me... My dad is spiderman okay? but I am new to this site thanks for pointing me in the write direction boss man bravo JR
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    you should of read before you wanted to grow dumbass.  :confused_2:​  no problems though. put it in a plastic cup to get strong then transplant. how are you growing? guerilla growing or back yard growing / close growing? but some kelloggs patio mix. 11 gallons for 5 bux. what strain are you growing? is it indica or sativa or both? is one more that the other? answer those questions and i will have some understanding to help you.
    btw you can edit your post anytime.
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    Don't call me a dumbass buddy pal. I've been reading but since I'm new I'm reading stuff that doesn't make sense to me? Its like a man going to a different country... I think guerilla because its in like a 50 x 50 yard patch of woods in my back yard. I have Miracle Gro Garden Soil and Metro Mix 830 in my shed. Idica or sativa still yet unknown haven't grown it yet but i got a seed out of mid grade but the mid grade smells like str8 skunk when I smoke it. Is one more that the other just makes no sense to me what so ever so yeah idk. but thank you and help!!!!!!!!! BTW im still reading and watching youtube videos so don't be mad if i don't answer quick enough.
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    just fucking with you.  :smoking: your like me then if your site is close. where do you live? is it humid? you'll be able to see if its an indica or sativa dominant once its growing. ask your dealer what kind of bud it is. what size flower pot do you have. i recommend smart pots because the are easier on the roots. since its one plant us a 5 gallon pot for a maximum yield. put a banana peel in the bottom soil of the pot for its potassium. also if you catch fish put the guts in the soil for the nitrogen and potassium. what kind of animals are in the woods? is it humid or dry?  order more seeds on the internet for more plants and more and better weed. check out for great outdoor seeds. you get a free feminized seed of afgan kush and two free regular kerala crossed with skunk seeds for free. their safe and they stealth ship seeds. you'll have some high grade buds. read this. 

    all of it and your good. these guys are experts.
  13. Okay I'll read and they send me seeds for free??? Wow... I live in Delaware and dear are mostly out here.. along with fox and snakes. But its not too dry where it is. the dirt is different from right next to my house... the dirt next to my house and like light brown and sandy... the dirt out there is dark... but im gonna use my miracle grow garden soil and do the banana thing too... might go fishing with dad tomorrow is bass ok??
  14. Im just gonna get a cup and put it in miracle gro once its about 1-2ft tall im going to transplant it in a 5 gallon bucket and keep it outside and hope it grows up to be big... I don't wanna use a bucket though because i heard if you dont it gets massively big.
  15. you get them with every order. buy a big yielder like this. you get almost a pound off a plant and its cheap for 2 seeds as well and its high grade.
    shit deer are gonna eat your plants and mabye foxes too but no sure. do you have a dog? if so make him piss close to the area where your planting and you piss too. also put dog hair close to the area. put mothballs near too. they wont come near human scent. any fish is ok and if you have a shovel dig and look for earthworms in the soil. put them in your soil so they can shit and fertilize your plants. the area must have lots of light. 
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    NOOOO. DONT DO THAT. grow it till it the roots cant be stretch anymore and transplant it. be gentle when you transplant it because you dont wanna fuck up the roots and break them. turn the cup over and shake out the soil and the plant slowly. the soil should be hanging on to the root in the cups shape. dont over water. water every one a half days and if your plants leaves get hanging down that means its either over watered or under watered. you will be able to tell cause your the one that watered it.
  17. Okay. I was succesful on the germination and last year I had a plant start it was above soil and my brother made me throw it out even though he use to grow and the spot is good because my dog litterally pissed all over that area and I just went out there and he has his hair all over the ground hes a big fuzzy wuzzy bear lol... I just put it in a cup with miracle grow and a banana peel at the bottom and set it out on the back porch so 2-5 days it should be above soil hopefully.... and where its at has trees but I've read as long as it gets indirect sunlight it should be fine. Holla back if all this sounds ok to you.
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    it should get direct sunlight more than indirect sunlight.  try and find a more open place. more direct sunlight = bigger, more, more potent buds. lets the dog piss close and you piss close too. not at the grow area. your gonna get a low yield if you dont have direct sunlight bud the banana peel and fish guts should help. put the cup in the sun. pray its a female. you can get seeds and put a banana peel in a ziplock bag with the seeds and when the banana peel gets too rip switch it out for a month. that helps the seed become female. something to do with science. male plants dont grow bud and are less potent. you can use the leaves to make weed tea though.
  19. I'm gonna try to find a better spot or cut down a some branches and Yeah I figured not to piss on it lol...... Im praying its a girl and I'm gonna do all I can to give it sunlight...I hope it goes as planned if not you dont even know how sad/disapointed i'll be.

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