i need to know if this will work

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by steve, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. i cant keep my lights on during the day which is like 9 in the morining untill about 6 at night then i will turn them on untill about 9 in the morning again. this is about 14 hours but i cant count right now so please tell me if this will work. thanks
  2. yes,depends on varities try to get closer to 18 on.is there a reason you dont use a timer? unless you have a saftey issue with heat or something?peace.....
  3. no its just my parents the will come home for lunch.
  4. I think it's a bit borderline but worth a try.Bear in mind the smell issue as well!!.

  5. thats a sad state of affairs, growing in your parents house
  6. Hey im growing in my parents house,
    What else can you do until you get a place of your own?
    Nothing is ilegal until you get caught! and lets hope that never happens!
    All im saying is that we have to start from somewhere

    P:S: I have 2 posters on my grow box....Is that ironic or what?
    If only they knew......lol

    CYA L8R

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  7. This is a nodge ready to be burnt and crumbled into my spliff,
    any1 wanna smoke?...lol
    Its probably lights out after this 1 , hope yee all have a good night/day, whatever it is over there...............?
    CYA L8R

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  8. If ya gonna grow wait until this summer at least if your parents will find out...i stated growing last summer and was dumb and went to work and left my pot in the yard it had a plant init too my father came home and was actually very pleased with it as long as i didnt tell anyone but i felt guilty so it was summer and all so i moved it out into the edge of a resevor close by and went and watered it every now and then thing is after about a month of this it had about 50 leaves and was getting really big, a dear at it that summer though i am gonna continue to grow because i have about 30 acres behind my home and they belong to some rich old lady thats like 100 years old and never goes on her property and no one can do anything with it cause its reserved as an open space for ever so it will be about the most perfect place and she has her own security and i dont think anyone cept for me would wanna try crossing that boarder so yes im gonna prolly try and getaway with it and have a big field but spread em out although im inexperieced i learnedabout some soap sprinkles and dog hair would keep rabits and deer away so im all ready main thing is though that my dad found out and wasnt pissed at all he tried to help me telling me when to harvest and exc..... just havent told him i smoke yet dunno how that wll work out LoL piece out *we all gotta learn somehow*

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