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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Newgrower, Jul 5, 2002.

  1. Please I need some Ideas I live with my parents and like all parents they hate drugs. I scored alot of seeds from a friend and I want to grow but I have no idea how to hide it from my parents. Im thinking of triming the leaves so it does not look like WEED will this work? or to hide it with other tall full plants in the garden. are any of theis good ideas? I have another dumb question i dont smoke weed I want to sell it. can I just pick the leaves and sell them for people to smoke will they get high?
  2. you dont smoke the leaves but i guess you could sell it to stupid kids.....but why dont you plant outside?
  3. Thats the thing I live in town although i have a high fence my parents would find it most likely and I live in AZ so i need to keep a close eye on its condition so I cant plant it away from my house. I think im screwd maby i will try to grow some shrooms.
  4. you could always GET A FUCKING JOB. If your not going to smoke then give it up and look for a job, if you live in town it shouldn't be hard. I wish i lived in town so i could work. I've sold leaf before, yeah theres stupid people that will buy it and theres also people i know that will beat your ass for trying to pull some shit like that.
  5. one thing that u can do is that if you go fishing,hiking,camping,etc
    plant around those areas but dont visit them too much too avoid atention from unwanted people

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