I need to get clean and sober...

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  1. Hello ladies and gentleman.
    To begin, I've been reading and posting on this sight for about 5 years.  I only changed my name, because I didn't want to post this thread on my main account.
    Have you ever reached a point in your life where you know if you don't make some changes, you're going to end up miserablef?  Well, I'm at that point.  I dropped out of engineering school to go work in the oil field and make 75,000 grand a year.  Two years later, I quit my job and wonder what the fuck I'm going to do next(4 days ago).  I'm 25, and I've been smoking weed on the daily since I was 16.  I've also been lightly addicted to opiates for quite a few years.  They would disappear from my life for long periods of time but they'd always return like an old friend. Alcohol is a love hate relationship.  When your mentality is to push the limits on everything, these things can all be very detrimental to a young man figuring out his path in life.Psychadelics are the only substances I enjoy that I don't feel are affecting my life negatively.  Learning and marijuana cultivation are my passions.  They're two things that go very well together, but I do not have the funds nor the friends in my new city to get going on a grow. 
    If I'm going to have any hope of getting my life back together, I have to get rid of all the drugs(marijuana included). Maybe some of you have been through similar periods in your lives and may be able to lend some advice to myself and anyone else who may be going through this.  Thank you.

  2. Maybe you could start using Maryjane as a reward instead of smoking it everyday? Smoke it on the days you feel like you earned it. 
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    first of all, I would say there is no such thing as "lightly addicted to opiates".. I live in socal and was a stoner since 13, after high school I got busted sellin yayo and started smoking oxycontins.. opiates will ruin your life fast.. I did oxy's for a few years and then started smoking heroin cuz it was cheaper (never injected because im scared of needles and it seemed like a giant step down)..
    basically what turned me around was a probation violation that put me* in county jail for 2 months, some people's rock bottom is higher, some lower.. but once you really want a change (which it sounds like you do) my advice is to quit EVERYTHING..
    I had one last year of probation and and I quit opiates, weed, alcohol, all of it... quitting opiates was has the hardest but I just locked myself at home for a few weeks and then just stayed vigilant about the situations I put myself in..
    Today im 25, I haven't touched opiates in close to 3 and a half years (Aug. 2010)  I have a good job, have a nice place with my girl and I dont have probation on my ass so I have my own grow, I smoke everyday after work, I finally got my life into a sustainable position but I feel it starts with learning to live sober and then bringing mary back in..
    I dont know how helpful this advice is but its just my story so hopefully you get something from it, good luck brotha
  4. Yeah there is no light addiction when it comes to opiates. The main thing you have to do is stop using opiates. I know it's tough and I am going through some shit also but it has to be done. Opiates are fucking terrible.
  5. quitting opiates is easy.
    staying off them is another story.
  6. I appreciate the concern.  I didn't think many people were going to finish that.  I'm headed up to Breckenridge for a few days tonight.  I don't think I'll post in this again.  Now that it's not 3am, it seems weird to post my problems online.  So, thanks everyone for reading and slightlystonedSD, you're absolutely right.  I need to learn to enjoy my life as a sober dude for a bit, and that's what I'm going to do.  I'll start that tommorow, because I began my day with a bong rip today.  PM me if you would like to communicate about this thread.
  7. With the money you could/may have have saved you could buy some land and retire.
  8. I want to know more about working in the oil fields stoned as shit & raking in 75k, cause I need a job referral ;-) Sent from my SGH-T769 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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