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I need to get baked!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by unmentioned, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Recently moved from Cali to Utah for college it's been about a month since i've smoked school + church = big time stressful right now (haha i know im a church boy that smoked sorry for the contradiction but i just cant stay away dont judge me!!) anyways anybody got some tips on how i get begin to even get a connect? i mean 90% of the people in my area is mormon so yeahh..
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    ignore me
  3. God knows man? There isn't some sort of underground mormon secret dealing society so I guess you just have to ask the people you would think can get bud?
  4. dude I wish there was reading everything on this forum is killing me! I wanna just roll a fat blunt sit back and do my homework LOL
  5. Man I feel your pain. Just when you see people who look like they toke just ask them, you dont have anything to lose.
  6. For sure I got class in a little I'll do some speculating haha. I actually saw some dude with dreads at my school he looks like a total stoner but i didnt wanna assume ><
  7. LOL you see you've basically already got yourself a hookup :smoking:
  8. haha yeah now I just have to find him again LOL. Anyways thanks for the advice hopefully I can get my hands on some does anybody know how good the bud is in utah compared to cali?
  9. Let us know what happens.

    Expect less quality weed.
  10. just ask if he smokes and he probably will say "what? weed?"
  11. Definitely when I get my hands on some I'll update but, yes I was thinking something along the lines of something less quality what I have been hearing though is that it's cheaper here does anybody know about this?

  12. lmao...for real dude?:rolleyes:
  13. haha there could have been a chance :confused: but then again im just fooling myself lol
  14. make friends with the other 10 percent. theres bounhd to be a hook-up somewhere in there.
  15. Yeah haha Ima start doing that. A little shy but whatever I NEED MY BUD!
  16. So I just went to class guy with dreads not in sight!
  17. be sure to keep it in mind till you see him again:smoking:
  18. Pre-heat the oven to 400. Baste yourself in butter and garlic. Have a friend help you in. Wait 4 hours. Presto - you're baked:p:smoking:
  19. I will probably end up doing this lol

  20. Wassup dudes :wave: and welcome to Utah - I've lived here my whole life except when I lived in cal for 2 years... Just picked myself up a half ozer today - as far as the bud goes in "the crossroads of the west" we got the hookups on major freeways... So we get alot of cal stuff is what I hear -

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