i need to gain weight while still eating healthy

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  1. i've been struggling to maintain my weight and since i broke my wrist i've been eating much healthier and i also started loosing weight. i also stopped exercising, and i still am loosing weight. i'd like to start exercising again, but i'm worried i'd just wither away into nothing :eek:

    i usually eat at least 3 times a day, and i almost always eat until i am stuffed to the point of being uncomfortable, and i still loose weight. i know i could gain weight if i went out and just started eating big macs and shit, but if it's possible i'd like to continue eating very healthy and still gain weight.
    i eat a lot of yogurt and fruit (almost every meal), and i drink milk with almost every meal. i usually get at least 2 servings of meat and veggies a day, if not more. my carb intake is fairly low, 2 servings a day maybe. i snack on fruit through out the day as well.
    the fruit is usually melon with meals and apples as snacks.

    so any tips on how to keep eating healthy, but gain weight? besides the obvious answer of just eat more.
  2. Try protein shakes as snacks, drink one or two a day with fruit mixed in.. You'll get gains from that no problem. That or do the gallon of milk a day routine; it works very well, if you just do weight training you're probably gonna want to do some serious cutting after you meet your goal (milk will give you a pudgy stomach)

    But really you're not eating enough plain and simple, you gotta really stuff yourself if you want to see gains. Turn off all distractions and just focus on your food and try to scarf as much as you can as fast as you can. Challenge yourself, if you're a slow eater it's easy to get full on less food.
  3. Drink half a gallon of milk a day as a caloric supplement. Eat lots of pasta and chicken and fish
  4. i probably drink a half gallon a day of milk at least already. i eat as much fish as i can, which is usually around 4-5 servings a week.
    i mostly eat at my schools dining hall because i can eat there as much as i want with my meal plan.
    protein shakes are a good idea. i stopped drinking them because i can't really do any weightlifting with a broken wrist and sprained wrist, but abs and cardio i can do. i'll start drinking them again.
  5. If you want to gain fat the healthy way eat walnuts.

    Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Nuts, walnuts, english [Includes USDA commodity food A259, A257]

    The only way your going to gain muscle is by lifting. Walnuts have lots of healthy fats and are extremely high in calories. 117 grams of walnuts have 225 more calories then a big mac. Trust me if you want to gain weight eat lots of walnuts.
  6. and more than twice the fat :eek: i did not know that about walnuts.
    i'm not trying to build muscle right now because i can't, i'm just trying not to look anorexic.
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    Start eating some walnuts then :) If you want to gain weight don't think about consuming extra carbs or extra protein because protein and carbs only have 4 calories per gram. Fats doesn't matter if they are healthy fats or not have 9 calories per gram. Walnuts have lots of Omega-3 fatty acids, McDonald's has lots of unhealthy fats like saturated fats and trans fats. You need to eat more calories then your body is burning up. So if you eat more calories then your body is using your body has to store those extra calories as fat on your body. Just think of fat as stored calories. Same with weight loss, you need to eat less calories then your body needs so it has no choice but to use the extra bodyfat for energy since it's not getting enough calories from the food you're eating.
  8. Remember chicken,fish,and any other lean meat are very low in calories. If someone wants to lose fat or keep a very low body fat should be eating lean meats like chicken breast and fish since its very low in fat. If its low in fat you know its low in calories and that's not what you want. You need things that are high in healthy fats because they are very calorie dense. Most people don't really have the problem you have. Most people are trying to lose fat and not gain it lol. Salmon is also another thing you should be eating since salmon is also high in healthy fats and is pretty calorie dense compared to things like turkey and chicken which has basically zero fat in it. Also another good thing to eat for you would be avocados. LOTS of healthy fats in that aswell.

    Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Avocados, raw, California
  9. Yea man eat avocados, raw nuts, and raw seeds. Some raw coconut would be good too :cool:

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