I need to find a stoner girl

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  1. Hi I go to washington state university and am in the pre med program majoring in nueroscience and minoring in psychology. I have met lots of girls at WSU but have yet to meet a cool stoner girl. I smoke pretty often but also study and workout and want a girl that likes to smoke.
  2. Start up convos with cute chicks, and ask if they blaze. Shouldn't be too hard
  3. Ya I have met plenty of cute girls that are down to smoke but they are usually girls that get high way to easy and are extremely annoying to be high with. I want a girl that's fun to smoke with and can actually take big rips.
  4. There are plenty of girls out there that smoke, it aint hard brotha. one of the eisiest ways is just to ask "do you want to smoke" or "do you smoke" then take it from there
  5. What year are you.

  6. I'm pretty sure you can find a girl that tokes and isn't annoying or noobish while high lol.
  7. Call me.
  8. youll find more luck with posting that as your facebook status because there are probably not a lot of stoner girls that go to WSU on GC
  9. Ya I guess I will just have to keep looking. Just annoying. I have never had a girlfriend that I could toke with. My ex asked me to take her to the hospital cause she thought she was dying and a the last girl I smoked with laughed for like an hour straight then passed out lol
  10. I feel for you, my friend. I have a great education, keep my shit together, but like to toke. Wish I could find a stoner girl that has her act together, but it's not easy. I'm in WA, maybe we should wing lol
  11. me too bruh...me too
  12. [quote name='"yoregan"']Call me.[/quote]

  13. Haha your a stoner girl?
  14. Where in Washington man?
  15. I'm in central WA, looking for a stoner girl aswell. Its tough.

    You'd think it would be easy now that weed is legal but alas....

    I hope they get shops and coffee shops set up quickly so stoners can mingle....
  16. Dude that would be awesome!
  17. I am a stoner girl, but I'm also a lot of other cool things, too. I have a masters of public health, taught middle school for 20 years, and now I'm on to an early retirement. I have just joined the "stoner life"; I use mmj because of health issues, and it has been a lifesaver! But, I also do a lot of other stuff, like, yoga, eat right, walk, talk positive stuff with friends, hang out and watch tv. I find it hard to find people in the Vancouver, wa area that live our lifestyle and meet up someplace so we can meet, talk, network, etc.
    maybe if enough if us from Vancouver reply, we can find a place to meet? Boys and girls!
  18. I need a stona' boy!
  19. Lol it was ment for a dude who wrote in here lol

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