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I need to detox.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Applegarth, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Oh man. It has been so long since I have posted at Grasscity. After I graduated and the following 6 months after I slowly stopped smoking cause I didnt have any money. Well about 3 months ago, my friend walks in the door and has a fat sack of some sour diesel, and we start puffing. Made me feel like a dragon again with all the smoke around us and coming out of my mouth and nostrils. Well anywho, I started smoking pretty heavily again since then. And I have just fallen in love with mary jane all over again.

    Untill I wrecked my Moms car 3 weeks ago. I am still living with my parents. I was sober when I did it, I swerved to avoid hittis a deer and lost control as I came out of the swerve. Well I have kept smoking since then, but tonight my parents call me out to the living room and say haha guess what son, you now owe us 750 dollars every month on insurance. The insurance company forced me onto the insurance. So now I need to find a job in 2 weeks, or I pretty much get kicked out of my house and I have no where to go.

    I have never held a formal job before, I have done alot of under the table work though.

    So help me! I need to detox, and fasssssssssssst!

    tl;dr- holy fuck, I need to dextox in 2-3 weeks after smoking for 3 months or else I get kicked out of my house. Help!
  2. Step 1: Drink lots of water
    Step 2: Piss alot
    Step 3: There is no step 3

  3. Step 3: fuck bitches?

    I heard that there are detox pills as well that I can take?
  4. Hell yeah

    You can try them but really...its all about flushing your system.
  5. yea, well I was also wondering if anyone had any tips and tricks or a sure fire way then just drink and piss. which works, I mean I know it does, but I am not a tiny man. I weigh at least 300 pounds and am quite well, portly is a nicer word.

    So it would take at least a month if not more for everything to be out of my system, and I need it to be gone in like 2 weeks so I can pay the insurance.
  6. 30 days is just a general time, it can be well out of your system within 2 weeks.

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