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I Need To Cut Back.. But How?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by craig7, May 20, 2013.

  1. so lately i haven't really been getting high, i've been getting kinda buzzed after smoking a .5 to myself. and so that has led to a steep increase in weed consumption... and thats bad. i need to save up my money... but honestly all i do all day is smoke weed... and i only actually get HIGH maybe like once a day... now what i've been trying lately is just putting like .6 in a bag every morning and thats my weed for the day... but usually i just end up packing like 3 hits in my one hitter in the morning and then i smoke the rest of the .6 at lunch so by the time i get home i have no weed left for the day and i'm sober so i just end up smoking more weed anyways. so i need a tolerance break. but i cant even go 3 hours without smoking... so uh... help?
    i usually have a few hits from my one hitter in the morning, about 2 bowls at lunch, a bowl around 4:20, a bowl around 6-8pm and then a bowl before i go to bed
    i know its not a lot but its more than i really want to be spending... i miss when i could get high off of 3 hits from a joint

  2. Go on a hiatus for at least two months or so. Your tolerance should drop a good amount. 
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    Smoke what you have and stop buying more. Weed isn't addictive, but it can be like giving cake to a fat kid, so just stop smoking it. If all you do all day is smoke weed and sleep, then that is a problem. Find a hobby, go for a jog, hang out with friends who don't smoke weed. What is the point of smoking if you only get a light buzz?
    Don't let bud control your life.
  4. It's not that complicated. Smoke less.
  5. self control
    look it up
  6. Usually if im smoking too much and I notice it effect parts of my life I take a week or 2 break. Then start up again slowly
  7. i cant smoke less though... when i'm sober i'm just sitting here like fuck... this is boring... i need some weed
    now that i'm high though... i just hit my one hitter and i'm thinking... maybe i'm not buzzed... maybe i'm just baked... maybe this is normal.. when i first started smoking i smoked about as much as i do now but i got WAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!! higher... compared to how high i used to get this is just bezzed... but maybe now i'm just getting high like most people... cause my tolerance is higher.. what if... but my highs only last like 30 mins now... is that normal?
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    If your smoking reggie get some mids or maybe even some loud.

    I tend to sometimes work up the ladder after T breaks till I don't get high.
  9. You cant smoke less thats why you take a fucking break. You dont need more weed maybe you need a hobby. Your tolerance will keep going up and youll "need" more. 
  10. grow ur own and wait till harvest to smoke. worked for me. only bought a dime here and there during growth. lately since my flowering is almost done I been smoking once a day or once every 2 days. before I started growing I smoked literally all day everyday. when I woke up, on the way to work, on lunch break, on the way home and all night long. barely get a buzz all day. now half a blunt and i'm good. :smoke:
  11. You know this just crossed my mind as I'm starting my first grow.
  12. good to hear. just be safe and have fun. it's a stress reliever just watching them grow. then getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor is the icing on the cake.
  13. you could also start taking omega 3's. 
  14. It is totallly a stress reliever. So excited to check how they are doing each day.
    This is all a willpower problem.  Nobody can give you that.  Why do you smoke?  It's not to get high, since you smoke even though you're not really getting high.  Maybe you should reevaluate your motives.
  16. Yea omega 3's and exercise too. Like granny and that guy said. I have a feeling thats why my tolerance stays low.
  17. Smoke less weed.
  18. Take a 1 month t break. During that one month get with the exercise and Omega-3. Once you start smoking again keep up with the exercise and Omega-3 though.
    tf? Just stop man its WEED. not that hard. If your highs last for 30 minutes you're buying shit weed. find better stuff or TAKE A BREAK
    but really though if you feel like you can't stop you have a serious problem and smoking weed is the last thing you should be doing right now. Get your shit in check bro, figure out how to enjoy life without weed before you even consider bringing that into the picture. if you looked up "ignorance" in the dictionary you'd find this post..

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