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  1. Im going to a field party to drop some acid saturday, and I was hoping that I get information about it, what to do, what not to do, the dangers, how to not have a bad trip. Just everything in general, Ive never done anything like it so Im a tad bit nervous, any information will be most appreciated.

  2. everything you need to know about acid, in Pandoras Box......
  3. If your nervous before taking it, dont take it. Bad will vibes carry on into the high. Thats my best advice.
  4. dont think bad things!!!!!!!!!
    never ever think bad things
    remember that
  5. You need to go to EROWID
  6. sit back and enjoy the trip.
  7. I posted this in Pandora's Box a month or two ago, but here goes. Also, check out Erowid.com as some posters have recommended. It is extremely helpful.

    Anyway, our brains are wired to process what we see, think, and hear in an orderly fashion. This enables us, as humans, to function properly. However, when taking LSD the floodgates of your mind will open and you will be bombarded with thoughts, sounds, colors, and new sensations.

    For instance, you'll notice that you're surrounded by colors and textures. If you take enough LSD you'll see that every object, every person and so on has an aura; it appears that a rainbow is emanating from every surface. Thus, your brain is no longer able to process colors in the sense that you are used to normally, and you will finally be able to see the world as it really exists. You'll also notice patterns on every surface and texture you look at. Objects will grow and shrink right in front of you. If you're having an intense trip, objects may morph into other objects, you may start hallucinating and so on. This is truly fantastic.

    The same goes for thoughts; your brain will be flooded with thoughts. This is why meditation is great while you are tripping; doing this has changed my life for the better. Some people even experience what is known as an "ego-death" which basically involves losing your sense of self and your connection to your environment (this is an amazing feeling). You, as I have many times, might lost control of your body and just collapse somewhere, becoming one with your surroundings. If you're listening to music, each beat of a drum, each strum of a guitar and so on can feel euphoric and can provoke new thoughts, feelings, and colors. No longer is your brain able to process these sounds/thoughts in an orderly fashion.

    As I stated before, the floodgates of your mind will open; this can be a pretty intense experience for some people, but it is surely well worth it. My advice: For your first trip, You MUST trip in a familiar setting, with your CLOSET friends. Furthermore, try and trip on a sunny and warm day. I've had issues tripping while it was pouring rain or dark and overcast. Also, if you are going to listen to music, try to listen to "happy" music, or relaxing music. I find that music that is not "happy" tends to produce bad thoughts, which can lead to a bad trip.

    Anyway, I would definitely advise trying acid. You just need to learn to go with what is happening and do not try and fight it. However, if you followed the above advice regarding set and setting, music and so on, you won't want to fight it, because you will be having the most wonderful time of your life and you won't want it to stop! Good luck.

    The only bad part about taking LSD is the depression that follows when I realize I'm not tripping anymore! :-(
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  8. I had to click through two pages to find info on acid.

    How do you want to do this... paypal?

    I've got an empty tank and places to be tomorrow, so do expedite this one. :)
  9. never met a real "trapstar" who ate lucy.

    thug life.
  10. It is good.

    seriously though, go to erowid. good stuff. my piece of advice to make the most of it is to go outside. sitting inside with a head full of acid, fuck knows what on ur computer/TV and music up loud is fantastic but going outside, walking around for a few hours is excellent. specially during the day. watch out for people though. sober ppl r not welcomed by the tripper
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