I Need Sunshine!

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Jan 6, 2002.

  1. that must be it. im here to explain my 'small little episode i had here yesterday infront of a friend (thanks bud) and several lurkers....let me first say i jumped aaaaaalll over my husband the moment he walked in. and when he ws done laughing at me he asked how embarassed he was going to be when he talked to the man who's wife i called.:rolleyes: what i did was basically prank the lady.lol thank god she didnt answer that halfhour later when i gathererd up enough courage to give her what i have left of my mind. basically my husband subbed somthing to a man who's work # i do recognize....a'course i didnt know his house number or his wife....LMAO so im really really really glad i didnt get to talk to her agian,.ever....thanks for be here.
    im hoping to show you some really pURty pictures of our beautiful snow later....ah it makes me happy and its all i have to do. :)
  2. I'm glad things turned out OK. I guess the hubby forgave you for jumping over the edge? I would love to see pictures of the snow. It missed us again for the third time last night.

    Peace to ya Snow Princess!

  3. I got your snow Bud head!

    We got about six inches of snow last week and I heard this morning that it was snowing in the county just north of mine. Evrything here was shut down for about two days, bridges froze over, schools and businesses closed, grocery stores wiped out, and the Governor declaring emergencies everywhere. Six inches of snow over two days and temps down to 25 at night. And there was still traces of snow on the ground four days later.

    Now all you yankees may be laughing at me, but this is the first snow we've seen since 1993.
  4. BPP, I seen on tv where ya'll were being dumped on. You would think we would have gotten a little of the snow. It missed us by a hundred miles. I was wishing for snow. Oh well you took it from me i guess!
  5. omg. :) you are awesome.
    i decided to not get all gushy...thankyou
  6. UNOIT!
    THANK YOU ~ :)
    we get no snow in california i love it!!!!

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