I need sum help bad i just figured out i dont have a green thumb

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by drew31169, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I have a 600 watt easy cool 6 and I have a long but narrow closet and I need to kno if a space that is 8' tall and 20.5" across by 4' long can anyone give me sum advice
  2. Oh and my. Plants are nl#5 x haze
  3. Is that enough space for a grow
  4. Almost any space can be made to work as long as the plant is trained for the space! Closets can be hot for halide stuff if you dont have proper ventilation.
  5. You can make it work.. search up lst training... make sure you have air movement 24/7 to keeps bugs and mold from comming
  6. Ok then I'm sold I will start tomm.when I get paid so I did most of the germanation in napkins and ziplock bags and then moved them outside but it has been hot here for abt a month and I currently have 9 plants and 4 are nl#5xhaze and 5 are just grit seeds and I'm almost positive.that not all are going to make it
  7. Does any one have a suggestion on a good carbon scrubber that is reasonably priced

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