I need something cheap for a veg/clone tent more info on why I'm asking in details below

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by noragrets24, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. Ok so ill try to keep it short I got a new tent coming in mail which will become my 2nd 12n12 flowering photoperiod tent and now I got a 3rd tent that's a little old but big enough to keep 4 mothers in veg state forever and enough storeroom to take clones from the mothers and veg them out however here's where it gets complicated I got lights using lots of power already so what would be a cheap way to veg but in doing so will provide just enough light to get the vegging clone/mothers on by. Any tips or advice is appreciated please let me know what you guys think.

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  2. T5 lights work pretty well in veg and don't use much power. the bulbs are also cheep.
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  3. I think just a few led lightbulbs should do fine for some clones or small vegging. I got some decent ones at the dollar store the other day that use 14watts. I have 7 mothers that I keep under about 15w of cobs and they do great, but I keep them short and bushy. I think about 30w per square foot with cheep leds is plenty for mothers and clones.
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  4. A couple of these strips on a 24 volt driver would work SolStix – SolStrip Photon Solutions
    Not the cheapest thing up front probably but an all around good choice.
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  5. You need something cheap?

    Look no further, this is my clone light I run 24/0

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  6. Wait you leave your clone light on 24 hours what about your mother plant you take the clones from what hours do you leave that on for I was planning to do mine at 18/6

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  7. Mama usually goes outside.
  8. A set of HLG QB132s or QB120s would be good and they're like $100-$130 a set(four boards) but you still need a driver.

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