I need some texting advice...

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  1. Whenever I text this shit seems so boring. this girl texted me "wassup" Ima tell her this dick is up and then say "how about you" leading into another boring convo..
  2. I feel you man what else is there to talk about, I guess shit that you did that day or weekend but what else is interesting that you can text about for hours and hours.
  3. Making texting fun is kinda hard. I really only use it for when calling is unacceptable. But metaphors and ridiculous thoughts are good for texting for entertainment.
  4. I have a rule if I text a girl. I keep it under 10 texts maximum. Try it!
  5. Wow you, you aren't very subtle are you. If you're way to forthcoming and straight forward shes going to be put off... unless shes a loosiegoosey.... girls love the chase man. Make yourself appear intriguing and mysterious so there is more to figure out about you. Otherwise she will be as bored with you as you are with her. Women don't know what they want, you just have to help guide their interest.
  6. Has human interaction really become so weak? Texting isn't conversation, it's a farcical representation of human interacting. Jesus christ get off your fucking arse and go see the girl... what are you? 15?

  7. stfu yo....she texted me and we're both busy doing other shit. gtfo.
  8. If you need to ask the internet how to text girls you need some help mate.
  9. Isn't that what hes asking for? facepalm.jpg
  10. You know you don't have to text right?
  11. I hope your texts aren't as boring as this thread
  12. [quote name='"Malvolio"']If you need to ask the internet how to text girls you need some help mate.[/quote]

    So help him then

  13. Yeah man thanks for the advice >__>
  14. Help the guy who thinks he should text the girl about the current state of his dick? He needs advice from a clear-minded woman, not from us absent stoners who will agree that the current state of our dick is an important topic of conversation.

  15. Never heard of such a thing :p
  16. I was joking about that. If you're not gonna help then...
  17. get fake mad about some bullshit. someone threw my lunchable out the other day (uneaten) and i texted my girl acting like it was the biggest thing in the world and she went along... just think of funny shit man.
  18. Lmao how long did it go on for, I was at the beach and saw dolphins and was texting some girl about wanting to ride them and do flips and shit lol, it works just talk about random interesting or funny shit.

  19. yo that's sweet
  20. hahaah this

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